Protect your table - you have these options

Especially new, high-quality tables would like to protect as much as possible from damage, scratches and stains. What options there are and what can be done for effective protection, read in this post.

Opportunities for protection

protection possibilitypossible at table style
clearcoatall solid wood tables
OilSolid wood tables, untreated
Grow tableSolid wood tables, untreated or oiled
Table protectorall tables
Set the tableall tables
Table mat (plastic placemat)all tables


A layer of clear lacquer protects the table effectively against stains, moisture and also against scratches. But the feel of solid wood tables is lost. A classic alternative to this is a shellac coating.

Oil the table

The oiling of solid wood tables is a very good protection, which is also deeply effective and protects the wood well. However, only raw woods, which are still untreated, can be oiled. However, there is no protection of the surface with the oils - especially not from moisture and stains. It also creates a pleasant to touch surface with real wood feel.

Grow table

Waxes offer - unlike oils - a pure surface protection, but no depth protection. In addition, some waxes can be very sensitive to heat. Whether oiling or growing is more useful, you will learn in detail in this post.

Table protector

Protective films are usually transparent and can be easily applied to the table surface. They provide protection against dirt, stains and scratches. Other films are slightly stronger and are simply placed on the table top after cutting. The appearance of the table surface is thereby changed only insignificantly.

Tablecloths and table mats

A very effective, but also very eye-catching protection offer classic table cloths made of fabric or plastic.

Slightly less noticeable are placemats ("place settings coasters") made of plastic. Due to the numerous different designs, they can also be harmoniously adapted to the appearance of the table, and then disturb much less than a tablecloth and often provide an interesting eye-catcher and are suitable as a table decoration.

The prices for such coasters are well below 5 EUR per piece, even with high-quality designs and materials, such as woven PVC.

Tips & Tricks

Note that you will not be able to finish painting or varnishing oiled tables.

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