Pimp your table - trendy possibilities

A simple wooden table often looks too monotonous. To upgrade the table a little, there are many possibilities. Some of these are presented in our article. Here are some options that you should think about.

Dip Dye

In recent years, the trend is the dip-dye technique. In German one would most likely translate this as "dive into color". However, this is not done - only the optics are reminiscent of this effect, hence the name.

In the dip-dye technique, either the top of the table is painted just below the top of the table legs or the bottom half of the table legs in a contrasting color. Bright, strong colors create the best effect here, but colors that match the wood are also possible, such as gold shades.

Painting is not difficult, but it should be masked as clean as possible, so that actually creates a clean, straight edge.

Table finishing with foils

On the one hand there are ch-foil] foils for the table top, on the other hand tables can of course also be transformed with matching furniture foils. Above all, it can be difficult to wrap around the edges and the table legs.

It is best to use as strong foils as possible, which are stretchable. When the edges are transposed, the assistant then warms the film with a hair dryer so that it becomes supple, then places it evenly around the edge and strokes it. This requires some practice, but then succeeds usually quite well.

Films also have the advantage that they can be removed later without a trace. The durability is at least a few years, the prices are around 20 EUR per meter for many slides quite cheap. However, some special designs can also cost more than 100 EUR per meter.

Other ways to pimp

The look of a dining area can also be revived by simply coloring the chairs. That too often changes the appearance quite often. In addition, you can also rely on decorations or special design objects to put the table in the right light. Suitable for this are:

  • flower vases
  • Table coasters in a striking design
  • Etageren
  • Artworks, such as small statues
  • candle holder
  • green plants

Tips & Tricks

In the dip-dye technique, acrylic helps to prevent paint backing off the masking tape. This little trick has already in painting. proven by walls.

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