Painting a table - which color should you use?

When it comes to repainting a table in a matching color, or just letting it shine again with some color, the selection is often difficult. Which colors and paints are best suited for wooden furniture, you will find detailed in our contribution.

Lacquer, glaze and color

First of all, you have to decide in principle which product you want to use. The choices are:

  • paints
  • glazes
  • wood colors
  • other possibilities


Lacquers create a dense and glossy or matt-glossy finish. They are usually quite easy to process.

For the interior, especially acrylic paints are suitable. They are not quite as grippy and resilient, but are solvent-free (water-based). They adhere quite easily to all surfaces and are also slightly elastic and non-yellowing.

In addition, they can be processed as a "one-pot system", that is, you can use the same paint for the primer, the intermediate coat and the final coat. This saves material and is very handy in DIY.


Unlike lacquers, glazes allow the wood grain to shine through a bit. If you like this effect, and intentionally, glazes or enamels are the method of choice.

However, the individual products differ in their opacity. It is best to carry out a test application at a point that is no longer visible.

wood colors

Wood paints and wood preservatives are also available for indoor use. Here is also a certain wood protection with integrated. Wood colors can either be opaque or less opaque and consist of very different materials.
Pay attention here as possible to solvent-free variants and do not use weatherproof paint - this is only suitable for outdoor use.

Other possibilities

In addition to painting the table you could also have a lime or a pickling.

paint sprayers

Just to get a clean and even color in the corners and edges, paint sprayers are ideal. They produce particularly thin and particularly uniform coatings. The stroking is also much faster with these devices and the color consumption is noticeably less than with a brush or roller.

Good sprayers are already available for 60 - 90 EUR in the trade. The higher quality devices are then even suitable for (very fast and effortless) brushing walls. The purchase can be well worth it. You need a bit of skill and experience to deal with, but as a rule you have to practice it quickly.

Tips & Tricks

Pickling and liming are jobs that require a bit of expertise and experience. If you are unsure, just check our manuals again or ask a carpenter.

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