Restore a table - you can do that

Reworking and restoring an old, worn table instead of replacing it can be a good idea. What options you have and what you always have to look out for, read in this post.

Work up the table

Old solid wood tables, which will already have many scratches and damage or stains like new, if you abschleift them. However, this should be done professionally and with care. Abraded is basically always up to the raw wood.

Remove paint layers

Paint is not always easy to sand off. Many paints liquefy through the heat of the grinding process and then become tough and sticky. In order to be able to renovate such a table and to be able to remove the old layers of paint, you must then usually use paint strippers.

To choose the right stripper, you must know the type of varnish used and take the respective wood species into consideration. Not all types of wood can handle any paint stripper. If in doubt, seek advice from a specialist - the wrong paint stripper can totally destroy wood and make your old table unusable.

Renovate table

If you have sanded your table down to raw wood, there are several ways to renovate:

  • Repair damage
  • Lacquer or varnish the table
  • Oil the table
  • Grow table

Repair damage

After sanding remaining damage can best be repaired with wood filler in matching color. The filling of scratches and dents with wood wax is also possible if the surface is then suitably sealed and protected. In general, you will be able to completely remove most of the damage caused by sanding.

Painting, glazing, oiling or waxing?

What kind of protection is best for your table can be read by clicking on the links in the list. There you will learn everything important about the individual surface treatments for your wooden table.

Tips & Tricks

So that it does not come back quickly damage, you should protect your reconditioned table necessarily suitably. Bear in mind, too, that formerly oiled wood can not be painted or varnished because paints, paints and glazes are then no longer liable.

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