Table saw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for table saw comparison or test 2018

  • Table saws are fixed circular saws mounted in a work table. The workpiece is pushed over the saw blade here. They are available with large tables or small bases.
  • They are suitable for large sawing projects and are available in many workshops and construction sites. The stationary circular saws are extremely powerful and are particularly suitable for very long cuts.
  • Not only can wood be cut like on a production line, but also metals and plastics.

Table saw comparison 2018: table

More than one million Germans are injured annually at work, of which more than 800,000 are injured in the wood and metal industry (Source: German Social Accident Insurance). So it pays to carefully study table sawing tests, So that you do not lose a fingertip or even a whole thumb, we have compiled important safety instructions in our Table Saw Comparison 2018.

Well secured, can be with table saws quickly and precisely cut large wooden boards, but also thick tree trunks or metal pipes. We also give you tips on how to filter out the best table saw from the oversupply on the Internet.

1. What is a table saw and how does it work?

What are miters?

For example, bars for a picture frame will be Cropped at the ends at a 45° angle and then put it together so that the bars together give a 90° angle, This connection is called miter. The cut to 45° is, as a result, also referred to as a miter cut.

A table saw is a stationary circular saw, Your saw blade sits in a slot of the circular saw table. The circular saw motor is mounted below the work surface so workpieces can be slid over the saw blade without obstacles. As a result, very wide or long workpieces, such as wood panels, can be easily cut with the table saws.

The table saw is usually found in workshops or on construction sites again, so it is sometimes called a construction circular saw. For miter cuts table saws are not suitable because the saw blade of the circular saw is firmly mounted. For miter saws, the saw table or saw head can be set to a specific angle, For example, individual parts for picture frames or baseboards can be cut to size.

Table saw comparison 2018: saws

Table saws are mainly good for straight cuts.

To prevent skewing cuts, some table saws have a so-called rip fence. This is a guide rail that runs parallel to the saw blade. If the workpiece is pushed along this rail, this ensures that an exactly straight cutting line is created.

If the rip fence can be adjusted in an angle, miter cuts like miter and miter saws are also possible. These special circular saws sit on a turntable and can thus split workpieces at a 45° to 90° angle. Very few table saws can even tilt the saw blade for miters.

Miter and miter saws pivot the saw head while the workpiece is securely fixed, so miter cuts are much more precise with a miter saw. On the table saw, however, the workpiece itself is moved. It can easily slip and the miter cut is forgiving.

If you would like to saw filigree components, band saws or fine-cut table saws are interesting. These two saws are often used in model making. However, the classic table saw is rather a rough circular saw and only suitable for large workpieces.

The advantages and disadvantages of a table saw:

  • cuts particularly large and wide workpieces
  • very precise long cuts
  • high sawing force
  • fast Zusägen possible
  • good for long-term use
  • not mobile
  • bulky
  • not suitable for fine work
  • rarely suitable for miter cuts

2. Other table saw categories

In addition to the classic table saw, which can be found in workshops and construction sites, there are still other variants of stationary table saws. Here are some of the most important table saws:

Table saw typeparticularities
chop saw

Table saw comparison 2018: saws

Cross-cut saws are Circular saws on a lever that is moved up and down, They are often adjustable in the angle for Miter cuts and well suited for rough angle cuts or quick Zusägen of boards.

Suitable for:

  • firewood
  • Parquet and laminate

Table saw comparison 2018: comparison

The seesaw is also known as a firewood saw. Next to the stationary circular saw is a seesaw in which the firewood to be cut is placed.

Suitable for:

  • firewood
  • big branches
Stone Cutting Machine

Table saw comparison 2018: blade

Similar to the table saw, the saw is mounted on the table, but on a rail. That's how it works Saw blade pushed back and forth become.

Suitable for:

  • Stones and stone slabs
  • tiling
Fine cut circular table saw

Table saw comparison 2018: 2018

Fine-cut table saws are Table saws in miniature format, They have many functions for miter cuts and very precise parallel stops.

Suitable for:

  • Modelling
  • filigree pieces of furniture
band saw

Table saw comparison 2018: 2018

In the band saw the Sägelbatt is proverbial a tape that disappears in a housing above the saw table and comes out the bottom again. Due to the height of the upper housing part, the sawable workpieces are limited in size.

Suitable for:

  • Modelling
  • filigree pieces of furniture
  • individual forms such as e.g. puzzle pieces

3. Purchase advice for table saws

Watts, volts, depth of cut, saw blade diameter, angle stop, carbon, no carbon: so you do not get lost in the information jungle, we have you the most important purchase criteria for table saws filtered out and briefly explain what you have to pay attention to. Ultimately, even a cheap table saw can prove test winner qualities.

3.1. Wat (t) for a performance!

Table saw comparison 2018: saws

Many table saws can also miter.

The power of the table saw motor determines how high the sawing force is. The more watts indicated when buying a table saw, the stronger it is, A table saw test winner should therefore process at least 1,200 watts. So if you want to saw very solid wood or even metal, you need a lot of watts.

3.2. High-pitched idle

The idling speed reflects in revolutions per minute (rpm) how fast the saw blade can rotate. High speed is important if you want to have very clean cuts.

But even with very hard materials such as metal, many revolutions per minute are important. 5,000 rpm should not fall below a table saw for such tasks. For occasional DIY work, however, you can get by with 2,000 to 4,000 rpm.

3.3. Size is everything!

Table saw comparison 2018: comparison

Basic equipment for each circular table saw: a set with variously serrated saw blades.

The saw blade diameter indicates how big the cutting height of the saw blade can become. For table saws, the diameter should be equated with the maximum depth of cutbecause the saw blade is firmly mounted. The maximum size of the installed saw blades is therefore the maximum size of the workpieces that can cut the table saw.

However, the blade is in its default setting only half its diameter above the saw table. As a result, only half the height of the saw blade diameter can be sawn. If you want to use the full height, you should pay attention to height-adjustable saw blades when buying a table saw.

Why different cutting depths? Some circular saws can tilt and tilt their saw blades. For miter saws, for example, the circular saw blades can be used set in different angles, thereby reducing the depth of cut. For this reason, circular saws with miter function are given two different values: one cutting depth at 45° and one at 90°.

3.4. Stay in the frame

Anyone who has their own workshop in the basement or in the garage at home, is relatively free, how bulky his tool can be. However, if you were only granted a small chamber to work in the marriage community, it makes sense to pay attention to the dimensions of the table saw.

Table cover you

Table saw comparison 2018: comparison

Table saws with base take up little space.

Some table saws are sold together with the proverbial table. Other models in turn have only one base, Table saws with underframe can be relatively easily, apart from the weight, wear and put on changing work surfaces. These saws are more suitable for DIY.

Professionals who saw many and large workpieces daily, such as in a carpentry shop Saws with fixed tables, The work surface is much larger and more robust on the models. With the smaller saws with underframe, something can quickly slip.

3.5. dust to dust

Dust allergy sufferers will probably have already shattered their heads in advance, because when sawing always a lot of dust, You can, to counteract, while wearing a surgical mask, but after the work area is still dusty.

Large dust clouds can be prevented in advance if on the saw a device for dust extraction is available, This can usually connect normal vacuum cleaner. The dust extraction is an elongated funnel, which sits above the circular saw blade and picks up the dust particles that accumulate during cutting. The dust cloud is thus captured right where it originates.

You can see in this video how you can build a table saw yourself cheaply:

4. Care and cleaning tips

So that your table saw continues to slide through the logs like butter, it is worth it, After work, clean the tool regularly. Professionals take an air pressure compressor and blow every single chip out of the saw. For the hobby handyman and a vacuum cleaner can quite enough.

It is important that you the Clean the machine if you have been working with young woodbecause the resin quickly glues saw table and blade. In addition, a dirty saw also dirty the next sawing projects. If you oil the circular saw regularly, even a cheap saw will withstand many years of rust.

5. You should pay attention to the use of table saws

noise protection

According to the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA), conventional saw blades have a noise level of "85 dB", so occupational safety measures must be taken at workplaces. This is regulated by a noise and vibration occupational health and safety ordinance. When sawing wood, the level goes up to about 90 dB, and in the case of plastics and metal even to 95 dB, Noise-reduced circular saw blades are to significantly reduce the sound pressure level according to IFA:

  • approx. 13 dB in idle mode
  • about 6 dB when sawing aluminum
  • about 11 dB when sawing wood panels
  • about 11 dB when sawing plastic
  • about 13 dB when sawing hardwood

Important when working with high performance electric saws protective clothing: Sgoggles, gloves, mask, soundproofing and sturdy shoes. Stiftung Warentest also recommends a similar basic equipment for sanding and sawing. But in addition to clothing, the safe handling of the device has high priority.

The experts at recommend five basic safety rules that are valid not only for the circular saw, but for any table saw:

  • always use riving knife
  • choose a good leadership
  • Stop at 45° for narrow cuts
  • Freedom for the cut off
  • there is never too much freedom

5.1. The riving knife

A riving knife is a crescent-shaped metal wedge that lies behind the saw blade. The cut workpiece is pushed outward by the wedge. This will Prevents separated pieces between the saw blade and the workpiece part in the guide tilt.

5.2. With good leadership to success

It is advisable to use a guide during cutting, as the cut line usually becomes odd during a freehand cut. The guide is a rail next to the saw blade. In addition to the guide is usually also the stop: an edge at right angles to the saw blade, also called rip fence.

The bucking block: If the workpiece shifts when sawing, it can, casually expressed, "jacking like a donkey". However, since there is a lot of power behind the saw, a "bucking" piece of wood can seriously injure you if it jerks abruptly and unexpectedly upwards.

5.3. The 45° rule

If especially narrow strips are to be cut off a long board, the rear part of the parallel fence is set at a 45° angle.

5.4. Freedom for the cut off!

The sawed off parts of a workpiece should never be attached, since they must fall off after cutting. Otherwise parts tilt on the saw blade and are thrown away. Again, there is a high risk of injury. The splitting wedge helps you to push the cut parts outwards.

5.5. And more freedom!

If separated pieces come to the rear of the saw blade, they are lifted there and thrown upwards. This can lead to injuries, so are next to the saw blade so-called Defense strips. They push the separated pieces away from the saw blade and prevent them from getting to the back of the rotating blade.

6. Questions and answers about table saws

Table saw comparison 2018: table

Depending on the material to be sawed, the number of teeth and the diameter of circular saw blades are decisive.

6.1. Which table saw is the best for home improvement?

Do-it-yourselfers are all-rounders, their tools should also be universally applicable, Table saws with many setting options, especially miter function, are therefore the first choice for the local workshop.

If there are already enough work surfaces in your workshop, then a table saw with a small base frame is enough. This can also be quickly set up in other places. However, if work surfaces are all occupied, then especially saws with their own table are interesting. The table size varies from model to model.

6.2. Which table saw is best for model making?

Band saws and fine-cut table saws are the best when it comes to filigree cutting going, With these saws, the stops and angles are applied to small workpieces. In addition, the matching saw blades or bands have smaller tooth spacing for fine cuts.

For mainly straight cuts, the fine cut table saw is perfect. For curved lines, such as for puzzle pieces, band saws are ideal.

6.3. Which manufacturers and brands are there?

Table saw comparison 2018: comparison

Bandäsgengen are also suitable for finer woodcut work. The table can be tilted on most models by up to 45°.

Bosch and Metabo stand out from the crowd with their versatile and high-quality tools. But table saws from Makita and Einhell also offer many setting options. These manufacturers have table saws with small bases, but also with jacked tables on offer. Proxon and DeWalt mainly carry fine-cut table saws in their repertoire.

6.4. How much is a table saw?

Although there are cheap table saws for about 60 euros, but these are rarely powerful and offer only a few settings. Those who have many different sawing projects will be happier with a higher priced device, Table saws in the price range between 300 and 400 euros usually also offer adjustable stops for miter cuts. In addition, they usually have more sawing power.

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