Shaping a table - you can do that

If you have a table for a very long time, and you do not like the look, there are many ways to redesign a table. Which possibilities are offered, and which effort that means in detail, can be found in this article.

Opportunities for transformation

  • Paint or varnish the table
  • Paint the table
  • reversed table table to the wood sanding
  • Cover table with foil
  • Decorate table in with dip-dye technique
  • Remodel chairs

Paint or varnish the table

Basically you can paint wooden tables quite easily. For plastic or metal tables, this is a bit more difficult and often problematic because of the adhesion of the paint.

The painting is particularly easy and fast and very even when spraying the paint. For interior furniture it is best to use acrylic paint (water-based and therefore solvent-free).

A glaze lets the original wood grain shine through and thus has a different visual effect than a color. For interior furniture, do not use weatherproof paints or exterior glazes!

Paint the table

The same applies to painting as to painting. Again, you should definitely resort to solvent-free and water-based paints (acrylic paint). Before varnishing and painting it is important to sand it off thoroughly.

Sand the table to the wood

Wooden tables made of solid wood, which are already painted, can be sanded down to the wood. That can be attractive in many cases. The raw wood needs to be adequately protected after sanding. You can either use clear lacquer - but also oils or waxes or a combination of both, so-called hard oil waxes.

Foil the table

Painting, glazing or painting means a lot of work and dirt. With a workload of several hours you have to count in each case. The foliation of a table is very fast.

Slides have a few more advantages:

  • cost-effective (between 20 and 100 EUR per linear meter at a width of 1.50 m)
  • removable without trace
  • easy to install, even cover minor scratches and stains completely

Design a table using a dip-dye technique

How the dip-dye technique works, read in this post.

Remodel chairs

A group of tables looks visibly changed, if you only change the color of the chairs or renew. Remember too, if you do not like your table group anymore. The effort is of course the least when replacing new chairs.

Tips & Tricks

Oiled tables are usually difficult or impossible to varnish or varnish as the oil penetrates far below the surface. Sanding does not remove it completely from the wood and paints, glazes or paints do not adhere then.

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