Spice up the table - three cool, new trends

Clean, tidy and staid - is boring. Sometimes tables are simply not the "eye-catcher" in a room you want. But they can be easily made with simple methods. Three new, trendy methods show our contribution.

Three methods for pimping each table

  • the dip-dye technique
  • Motif tables
  • mosaic tiles

Dip Dye

The term dip-dye technique is probably only a few familiar. But behind this is a cutting-edge trend, which is currently on the rise - in all areas.

Dip-Dye means "dive in color". Of course you should not take that literally. Only as an optical indication of the desired end result. In reality, the furniture is only painted in different colors with Dip-Dye.

Example: table legs

A simple example of the application of the technique is the "dip-dy- ing" of the table legs. To do this, stick the crepe tape onto the table legs at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the height. Everything below will be painted with the most eye-catching color possible. The table remains as it is. This turns a rather unadorned wooden table into a piece of furniture that looks quite interesting.

Of course, the color can also be applied the other way round. Then only the last piece of the leg remains of the formerly white table, the rest may have turned sunflower yellow. Pay attention to the use of suitable paints and paints and the right technique.

Motif tables

The table top, which is the most visible part of the table, can be turned into a visually striking surface in no time at all: with the help of foils. For many manufacturers, the films are even cut to the usual table dimensions.

From patterns, imitations of other materials to photo motives everything is possible here, prices start at around 30 EUR. The films can then be peeled off again without a trace.

mosaic tiles

You can spice up a rather boring living room table by simply sticking a "table runner" made of mosaic tiles in the middle. This is especially effective with dark wooden tables and black tables visually very effective. Mosaic tiles, glued on nets, you get for a few euros in the hardware store.

Tips & Tricks

Often pickling in a bright color or limescale brings a visually beautiful result.

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