Table tennis table comparison 2018

Purchase advice for table tennis comparison or test 2018

  • Table tennis tables are available in different sizes. You should make sure that you have enough space for the board to fit in the room and that you also have freedom of movement to play with.
  • Table nests, which are intended only for the interior, have a different wood panel as such, which can also be used outdoors. These often have a melamine resin coating, but this also results in a higher purchase price.
  • If a ping pong table folds, it can be stowed easier; Rollers make it easy to move the plates, which weigh more than 50 kg, to different places.

Table tennis table comparison 2018: comparison

Whether in the schoolyard, in an unused office space or the private garage: a game of table tennis is always possible. Although the Olympics call us back every four years that according to Wikipedia fastest kickback sport in the world with enough practice you can look far more spectacular than you can manage yourself. But even the best table tennis pros in the world started off small. If you want to improve your skills or just relax a bit from the day, a table tennis table can be cheap. What types are there and what you should look out for, if you want to buy a ping-pong table, we explain in the Table tennis tables comparison 2018.

1. What characterizes a table tennis table?

The olympic fire

As an Olympic sport, table tennis is still quite young. Only since 1988 is the discipline part of the 4-yearly large-scale tournament. Although it was enough in 2016 at the tournament in the Brazilian Rio only for one silver medalWhile China's leaders have scored four times gold, table tennis is becoming more and more common to Germans. According to a 2015 survey 67.41 million familiar with the sport (Source: Statista).

A ping-pong table is similar to a real tennis court but has fewer markings, which reduces the complexity of the rules of the game. The classic elements of table tennis are the two-sided table tennis rackets, which come mostly in the color combination red / black, as well as table tennis balls, which are usually white or orange.

The common size measures are:

  • Standard table tennis table: 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm (HxWxD)
  • Standard table tennis ball: 40 mm (diameter)

Not only the table tennis test winner wins for different game forms use. The classic is the duel 1 against 1, but also a double can be done with enough coordination with each other. If even more people want to take part in the fun, you can take the form of the circuit, where you run around the ping pong table in turn and keep the ball rolling with a touch of the ball.

If there is no opponent to organize at the moment, a folding ping-pong table also offers the opportunity to raise the other half upright and play against oneself. This type of self-possession is called playback, And who knows, maybe dueling in the near future, of course, with a robot as an opponent.

Before we discuss the various types of table tennis tables and their respective characteristics in our table tennis table test, we give you an overview of the most common Advantages and disadvantages.

  • various play possibilities
  • often foldable and easy to stow
  • quite a lot of space
  • difficult assembly

2. Which table tennis table types are there?

2.1. Standard table tennis

Table tennis table comparison 2018: 2018

The classic table tennis table with racket holder.

The most widely used model is the table tennis table with standard dimensions, as in the club Sports be used. She is in the middle hinged, which on the one hand the already mentioned Playback games, on the other hand but also a lot of compactness if you want to stow the table tennis table. In addition, she usually points two to four rolls on, with which she can flexibly move. Would you like to play in the summer even under the open sky instead of just in the garage, thus facilitating the relocation of the gaming device.

If the table tennis table after the first installation, which can take quite some time, unfolds and is stable, it needs a lot of space, so that several players still have the freedom to move accordingly for the rallies. Do you want to join the Ausholbewegungen If you do not constantly hit other objects or even a wall with a club, you have to think about more than just the dimensions of the table tennis table.

A useful service is the Additional equipmentthat bring a lot of models. In addition to the table tennis net, which lose even with frequent use sometimes even tension and then simply readjusted, are also brackets for several ping-pong balls and table tennis rackets nice extras.

2.2. Mini table tennis

If you do not have the space to set up and play a standard sized ping pong table, a mini table tennis table could be an alternative. This is also marked with the label "Midi". Next to the less space required (also with the storage) one can with such models also the most lower purchase price as an advantage in the field.

Transport castors or other comfort functions such as brackets are usually looked for in vain. The smaller playing area could even be beneficial to her feeling impact, because you inevitably more precision If you want to bring the ball to half of the opponent. As a training plate for normal table tennis duels, this variant is not suitable.

2.3. Permanent table tennis table

Table tennis table comparison 2018: comparison

Concrete ping pong tables are very robust and defy all weather.

On many schoolyards or in parks they are often encountered: massive outdoor table tennis tables made of concrete. She distinguishes that through her material extremely robust are and therefore all year round Wind and weather defy can. The network is also made solid metal.

Not infrequently, students are watching as they prefer to use their hands and normal tennis balls instead of rackets and table tennis balls. This may well be related to the fact that the rough surface gives a completely different gaming experience and the behavior of the balls is very different than on a table that offers a wooden board.

Although outdoor table tennis tables made of concrete are usually provided with standard dimensions, but they are suitable by her high weight very bad for flexible storage. They also lack the possibilities of folding and rolling. The price is also over 1,000 euros very high and the selection far less as with normal table tennis tables.

3. Purchase criteria for table tennis: The following should be noted

In this chapter of our guide we list in the table important aspects that are crucial in choosing the right table tennis table.

buying criteriadescription
Indoor & OutdoorAn indoor ping pong table is only suitable for use in the house. That's because their game surface not sealed is. This sealant, which is mostly made of melamine resin, can be found on outdoor ping-pong tables, so that the wood does not swell and become soaked even when it rains.

The advantage of Outdoor table tennis is that at the same time as well Indoor table tennis tables can be used. However, they usually cost more than those that are designed for indoor use only and equipped with a fine chipboard.

purposeLast but not least, the question is not unimportant what type of player you are. The best table tennis table for you may not be Competition table tenniswhich professionals or ambitious hobby players absolutely need and for which those are also willing to invest a considerable sum. If you want to play a few fun rallies for fitness in the circle of colleagues or the family, that would also be possible with a smaller copy.
sizeThe installation dimensions are of course an important factor that you should consider based on the available area. For a competition table tennis table you should already about 21 m² plan, the space for your movements not yet included.

If the table tennis table can be folded, it can be stowed upright in a space-saving way. The roles that the Mobility and mobility increase the plate, but also ensure a higher total weight, the times easily in a normal table tennis table 50-75 kg can reach.

Security: Table tennis is a game in which even children have fun. But children are sometimes a bit impetuous with all the joy and so can also with a table tennis the risk of injury climb. Our buying advice therefore recommends that you attach importance to folding models one Doorstep have blocked, which prevents jamming. In addition, you should make sure that the feet are stable, because otherwise a careless leaning or setting on the table can cause an accident. If the table has rolls, these should be over Parking brakes so he does not roll away unexpectedly.

If it creates a table tennis game on television, the manufacturer is usually read on the game device. Seeing that the products of a particular brand are used in such tournaments naturally creates trust with customers. The Name recognition But then it can also have the effect that the purchase price is correspondingly higher. There are other competitors who do a solid job. We have listed some well-known manufacturers:

  • Sponeta
  • Kettler
  • Donic turtle
  • Sunflex
  • Relax Days
  • Cornilleau
  • adidas
  • Stiga

Well maintained is half won: No matter what category your table tennis table counts, Good treatment prolongs life and functionality, Making sure that not too much dirt accumulates on the plate not only guarantees an undisturbed gaming experience, it also avoids it scratchthat can affect how a ball bounces. Also the Hinges and rollers From time to time we are looking forward to a little bit of oil, so that they run smoothly.

5. The most common questions about the correct use of table tennis tables answered by us

5.1. What material is a table tennis table?

Table tennis table comparison 2018: tennis

Mini or midi ping-pong tables save space and are cheaper than regular sized panels.

This differs depending on the purpose. An indoor ping-pong table, which can only be used indoors, has metal feet in the middle to split them in the middle Chipboardwhich is still smoothed and varnished accordingly. An outdoor ping-pong table, on the other hand, has one more special feature MelamineIt prevents a sudden downpour from causing the table to become unplayable because rainwater enters the wood.

Exotic variants such as the permanent concrete table tennis table are unbeatable when it comes to robustness, but because of their weight and their low mobility are for home use not recommendable.

5.2. How much is a table tennis table?

The price range for table tennis is quite wide. Between 120 - 350 euros There are various models with standard size and good workmanship. Price differences arise when you choose a variant that is only suitable for use indoors. These specimens are usually cheaper than one weatherproof table tennis table, which is also designed for outdoor use.

5.3. What weighs a table tennis table?

Of course, that depends on the size of the table tennis table. For standard dimensions, a model will quickly exceed the 50-kilo mark, Smaller mini ping pong tables are naturally also lighter and mostly thanks to less surface area up to 30 kilograms heavy. Rather low in weight, whether the brackets for rackets are still available, the bulk of the mass make plate, feet and rollers.

5.4. What does Stiftung Warentest say about table tennis?

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet conducted a table tennis test. However, she recommends referring to the World Health Organization (WHO) three to five days a week should be athletic. 30 minutes would be enough, if you get a little sweat and the pulse accelerates.

In this respect, the activity on the table tennis table is not only an entertaining pastime, but also good for your fitness, How this may look like with a lot of practice, this highlight video shows:

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