Tile the table - this is how you have to proceed

Tiles allow to make an old, worn table look beautiful again. In addition, you can by the tiles but also a table can easily become a very special piece. What to look for, read extensively in this article.


Tiling a table can bring several benefits:

  • the worn surface disappears under the tiles, the table looks new again
  • The surface has also grown to heavier loads and wear
  • the table becomes a visually interesting and individual "designer piece"

Tile the table - step by step

  • tiling
  • tile glue
  • Tiefengrund
  • benzine
  • Grout in matching color
  • Sandpaper in different grain sizes
  • matching end strips
  • Installation glue
  • Tool for grinding
  • Tool for cutting tiles and tiles
  • Tool for cutting the end strips

1. Sand the table

Sand the table surface carefully, using at least 80 grit. For instructions on how to grind properly, see this post.

2. Degrease the table surface and paint with a base coat

After sanding, the table surface must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. For degreasing it is best to use benzine. Then let it dry. Afterwards, apply enough base to let it dry.

3. Prepare the table

Thoroughly pre-fill the table with tile adhesive (so-called scratch filling). Allow the tile adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours.

4. Tiles of the table

Tile-laying the tiles on the table, determine the blanks. Apply adhesive and lay tiles on the table. Pay attention to even distances, deviations are otherwise visually very noticeable. You can also work with tile crosses to help maintain even spacing.

5. Grouting

After drying the tile adhesive (depending on the product and manufacturer different lengths) you can grout the table. It is best to use elastic grout. After grouting and first putting on the grout, wash the tiles as usual to avoid any cement haze.

6. Glue the finishing strips

Cut the mitred edge strips to match and glue them with assembly adhesive. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions and the table is ready for use.

Tips & Tricks

Especially nice look very narrow joints. You can produce them especially with rectified tiles. Whether you are using large or small sizes depends on the look you want to create with the tiles. You can also lay mosaic tiles on your table - read more in this post.

Video Board: How to Lay Out Floor Tile (Where to Place the First Tile)