Table to unfold - what's in it?

If you are looking for a space-saving table that is only available when it is actually needed, you can get a good grip with hinged tables. What these tables look like, what their benefits are and what they cost you will be told in this post.

Hinged tables

The first to invent these tables was Ikea. On a very narrow center shelf, a folding table top was attached to the left and right. In this way, there was always just as much table available as needed. Otherwise, only the centimeter wide middle section claimed space.

The original model still exists today, now in numerous variants. Both table tops can be folded up as needed. If you place the center section, which also serves as a table leg, on wheels, the table also becomes mobile. If you put it with the back part to the wall you have a simple folding table - that's more flexible and better than building a folding table yourself.


The simple variants cost from around 70 - 80 EUR, the prices may be for individual variants but also up to 200 EUR or more. The remarks differ in part clearly from each other, therein lies also the price difference justified.


The possible fields of application for such tables are very wide-ranging. On the one hand, a hinged table as a practical additional table can simply stay in the kitchen until you actually need an additional table surface.

On the other hand, if only a part is needed, a simple breakfast area for 1 - 2 people can be created. Come once guests, you also fold up the second wing and has a full dining table for 3 - 4 people. This is especially beneficial in small kitchens.

As a workplace, the hinged table is also particularly flexible, especially when stored in the fixed middle section storage space. The wing can be folded down, the laptop stowed, and space is saved. If necessary, it is folded up again.

Tips & Tricks

Such a table can also be part of a very flexible workplace solution for small apartments.

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