Treat a tabletop according to its purpose

The surface of a table top should be designed according to its use. Dining tables have different characteristics to desks, coffee tables and workbenches. When treating the tabletop, in addition to its utility, cleaning and resistance, the visual appearance and longevity must also be taken into account.

Nursing and protection

Hardly any surface is used and cleaned as often as a tabletop. In addition, moisture, wet or hot soiling, which is often the cause of food and drinks being used, often results in dampness. In addition to optical aspects, the treatment should focus on protection against permanent stains and easy cleaning.

Natural stone worktops, such as marble, are treated according to their seal. Special stone oils can be used for polishing. The same applies to tabletops made of concrete. In order to avoid stains and costly sanding, tablecloths or placemats should be used, especially at dining tables.

Types of wood and surface texture

If tabletops are made of wood, they can either be left natural, painted or pasted. For the selection of wood hard woody plants are recommended which are less susceptible to scratching. Softwood like pine should be worked with protective coatings.

Important in the surface design are smooth, scratch-free textures. Any structure tends to bind dirt and dust in grooves and grooves. In natural variants, regular and extensive oiling of the table top can reduce the susceptibility to staining.

Balanced smoothness of the surface

When paint or varnish is applied to a table top, its scratch resistance and water insolubility must be taken into account. Ideally, especially for tables that are to be used "naked", pay attention to non-slip seals. They interfere as well as blunt surfaces in use. Otherwise, dislocation of dishes or drinking vessels often leads to "braking effects" that cause them to spill over.

Potentially most sensitive are the tabletop edges. They should be rounded as far as possible or protected by straps. Table tops made of all materials are endangered by impact with objects, by chairs and the general moving table.

Tips & Tricks

Before beautifying your tabletop, check that the materials are moisture and heat resistant. Warm dishes can damage unsuitable paints and paints by temporarily affecting and dissolving them.

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