Table top made of wood or fiber material warped

In general, the method of trial and error must be used when a tabletop is warped. In most cases it is not possible to assess whether deformations and twists can be directed. In straightening, the principle of light to more severe pulling and wetting is applied.

Wood content as an ally

Wood is a working material that never stops living completely. This also applies to glued panels and, to a lesser extent, wood-based panels. If the table top is warped, it must first be determined whether it is a uniaxial bend or a multi-axial twist.

In general, it helps to know that there is an ingredient in the wood that binds and holds the fibers together. This lignin can be liquefied by heat and moisture. As a result, the wood moves in the direction given by gravity or jigs. However, the potency of lignin is limited and the denser the species, the less it can "align".

Methods and tools

To process a warped table top, it must be dismantled. All attached to her components must be removed, which also applies to glued connections.

Depending on the size, the inclined tabletop must be stored on a flat surface. The room temperature and humidity should be kept stable between twenty and 23 degrees Celsius at fifty to 65 percent.

If possible, a lateral clamping of the plate with screw clamps is helpful. If this is not possible, heavy weights can take over the function of the "direction pointer".

Humidity and temperature

Basically, the plate can be treated with heat, steam and direct watering.

  • The plate can be evaporated from the bottom
  • On the plate moistened textiles can be spread, which must be moistened repeatedly after drying
  • With an iron, the plate can be ironed "smooth"

Important in any method is the compulsion for the table top to accept the desired reversion in the desired manner. Weights and restraints increase the chance to make up for the delay, while gravity on its own only helps very slowly, slowly and with thick plates.

Tips & Tricks

In order to assess your chances of success, photograph the tabletop so that the distortions can be recognized. Show the pictures to a carpenter or carpenter who can give you good advice.

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