Glaze the table - this is how it works

To reshape a table without losing the precious wood grain, glazes are best suited. What you have to pay attention to, and when a glazing is not possible, and how to proceed correctly, you will learn in detail in our contribution.

Types of glazes

Technically one distinguishes between three types of glazes:

  • thin glazes
  • Middle layer glazes and
  • Build coatings

If you want to glaze furniture indoors, thin-film glaze is the right choice. It is best to use acrylic-based glazes. These are water-soluble and, unlike alkyd resin-based glazes, contain no solvents that can exude. Such exhalations are not only unpleasant, but in the long term often harmful to health.

trial application

The final result depends strongly on the type and grain of the wood. To be on the safe side, always make a test coat first and sand and water the sample wood exactly as you will later do at your table. Only then can you reliably estimate the final result.

Correct glazing - step by step

1. Remove old paints and varnishes

You can only glaze on raw, untreated wood. All old paints and coatings must therefore first be carefully sanded. Remove all layers thoroughly and completely.

2. Water the wood

Watering is important so that the wood can initially swell. After watering, the wood should be sanded again. The wood fibers, which are raised by watering, are thus smoothed and balanced. This ensures a smoother surface after glazing.

3. First coat

Apply the glaze once. Always work in the direction of the grain and make as long strokes as possible with a brush or a roller. Make sure that glazes are very fluid, and work carefully. Let dry.

4. Second coat

Sand glaze once again, carefully remove the grinding dust. Apply a second coat and allow to dry.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that oiled furniture is usually difficult or impossible to varnish. In some cases, it can succeed with especially suitable glazes. Be advised in any case before in the specialized trade.

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