Tap water: costs and prices

What does a liter of tap water cost? Are the prices in Germany different or the same everywhere? What are the water prices in Germany in European and international comparison - is German water cheap? And what does the comparison of bottled tap water look like? For all these questions, see the answer in this post.

Water price and price development

In recent years, the price of water in Germany has risen sharply. The average price across all cities in Germany has increased from an average of EUR 1.50 per m³ in 2005 to EUR 2 per m³ at present.

The price of water in Germany is not uniform everywhere, but varies depending on the area. As a rule, one can notice marked differences among the federal states. Drinking water is still cheapest in Bavaria with an average of 1.46 EUR per m³, while in Berlin currently 2.17 EUR per m³ are required.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at the price of water: on the one hand, there is a basic fee for the water supply, which also includes the consumption of 30 m³ of water. In Berlin, the basic fee is the cheapest with 17.58 EUR per year, while in Thuringia almost an average of more than seven times the amount is demanded, namely 126.07 EUR.

On the one hand, this is due to the infrastructure and the distribution of settlements - the more and longer the length of water supply needed and maintained, the more expensive it will be for the customer on average.

On the other hand, one must also take into account the demanded wastewater charges, which are also very different. Also, they have risen sharply in recent years, as well as the basic charges disproportionately high. The price of water has increased by 8 percent since 2005, while basic charges and sewage fees have increased by nearly 20 percent over the same period.

Internationally, Germany is one of the front runners with its water charges. In the Netherlands and France, water costs slightly more than half compared to Germany, in Italy, Sweden and Finland, even less than half, and in the US and Canada, the price of water is just one-quarter lower than in Germany.

Comparison tap water - bottled water

However, if you compare the prices of bottled water and tap water, bottled water proves to be enormously expensive. While tap water costs about 0.2 cents per liter, bottled water is at least 19 - 50 cents per liter. For the same or often even lower quality.

Tips & Tricks

The nearly 10 billion liters of bottled water, which are implemented annually in Germany, cause catastrophic environmental damage due to the enormous carbon dioxide load due to the long transport routes and the effort for bottling and cleaning the bottles.

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