Tap water damage insurance

Tap water damage insurance is the standardized core component of building insurance and home contents insurance. Building owners are required by law to protect this cause. The scope of protection is precisely defined and can be extended by the conclusion of an elementary damage insurance.

Included protection

The building insurance covers water damage caused by leakage of tap water from both inlets and outlets. Included in the tap damage insurance are also hoses and installations directly connected to the water pipe system.

The lessor is also insured for technical reasons in the event of water damage caused by defects in hot water production systems such as boilers or instantaneous water heaters. Water damage from sprinkler and sprinkler systems also covers tap water damage insurance.

mixed regulations

The question of who pays what proportion of a water damage is not always answered by an insurer. Especially with tap water damage often mixed regulations are used.

For example, if a tenant causes water damage from his or her washing machine, it is primarily a tap damage. If the device has leaked out, the tap water damage insurance within the building insurance will incur the personal liability insurance of the causer.

Water damage detection is important

As a rule of thumb, tap water damage insurance can be applied to all damage caused by permanent installations on and within the structure. For the determination of the damage and thus the responsibility an exact water damage location is necessary. In most cases, the building insurance company orders an appraiser immediately after the claim has been made.

Expressly excluded from the insurance cover by the tap damage insurance are sprinkler systems that are triggered due to a fire. This damage usually covers fire insurance, which is also included in the building insurance.

Uninsured tap water damage

If a water damage is caused by the secondary use of tap water, usually liability or home contents insurance regulates the damage. Typical examples are:

  • Fallen cleaning bucket
  • "Bursted" aquarium
  • Backwater in drainage pipes due to added rainwater
  • Planschwasser

In the case of water damage caused by frozen tap water, the policyholder usually has to prove that he has taken all necessary steps to avoid the damage.

Tips & Tricks

The tap water damage insurance pays special attention to the minimization of damage after discovery of the damage. Make sure that you stop the water supply as soon as possible and immediately document the damage you have discovered using photos, films and witnesses.

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