Prepare tap water: does it make sense?

Different products for the treatment of tap water are offered on the market. How meaningful such products are, and what type of preparation can actually bring about quality improvements, is comprehensively highlighted in this article.

Water quality from the pipe

The Drinking Water Ordinance provides for very strict controls on tap water. One can basically assume that tap water is harmless to health, even if you drink it in large quantities.

Possibilities of processing

For the "treatment" of the water different possibilities are offered.

water filters

Water filters are designed to retain larger molecules in the water, making it cleaner.

In the outdoor area, this makes perfect sense if you want to drink water from unknown sources. These water filters keep most bacteria and pollutants out of the water.

However, the flow rate is very low due to the small filter size, which usually corresponds to ultrafiltration. Activated carbon filters are supposed to improve the taste.

Household filters tend to be less fine, and potentially less effective. An improvement in the taste of the water can be observed in some cases. From the health point of view, a filtration of the drinking water is unnecessary.

For your own reassurance you can also have a drinking water test done.

water revitalization

The water revitalization is based on physically not clearly detectable mechanisms of action. By "Verwirbelung" water should be "energized", and thus develop positive health effects for the body.

Another possibility is to "inform" the water with positive information. This can be done by various techniques, including the placement of gems.

Physically, these modes of action are not proven. A recent scientific proof of the effect of homeopathy makes it plausible that possibly similar "homeopathic" mechanisms of action in water are possible in other ways.

Reprocessing by reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis process ensures very pure water. It represents the finest possible filtration of water. However drinking pure water without minerals can be harmful to your health.

Tips & Tricks

You should never drink distilled water either. That can be deadly under certain circumstances!

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