Hang tapestry with durable tension

When hanging a tapestry, it is important to create a good tension that will last for a long time. A simple nailing or sticking does not do that. Here you can read with which techniques your carpet on the wall in the long run attracts attention.

Visible or invisible

Two techniques have proven to hang a tapestry. The optically invisible variant is the attachment to two retaining strips that run along the wall behind the carpet. Alternatively, a Velcro strip applied to the back of the carpet can also be fastened to the corresponding counter strip.

As a second technique, the attachment of straps is common that allow hanging on a support rod, similar to a curtain. For a continuous tension from top to bottom is a two-sided loop suspension. The loops avoid damaging or perforating the carpet.

Hang tapestry with or without loops

  • Two wooden strips or
  • one or two curtain rods
  • Wall screws and dowels
  • drilling machine
  • screwdriver
  • Maybe textile loops and
  • Sewing kit with thick leather needles
  • Eventually Velcro and contraband

1. Sew loops

Sew on loops at a distance of between twenty and forty centimeters from the matching fabric bands on the top and, if necessary, bottom edge of the carpet.

2. Sew on or glue Velcro tape

Glue or sew on a Velcro tape at the back of the carpet at the top edge. For thin and light carpets in addition to the lower edge.

3. Fasten the bracket to the wall

Screw wooden strips to the wall one centimeter below the later visible upper edge of the carpet. Drill holes every twenty centimeters. Alternatively, screw a Velcro contraband. For a loop suspension, fasten the curtain rod in accordance with the loop length at the top and, if necessary, at the bottom.

4. Fix the carpet at the top

Screw carpet onto wooden strip or use nailing, using wide-head screws or roofing nails. Apply evenly to the contraband with Velcro. Put loops on curtain rod and hang rod into brackets.

5. Fasten carpet down

Fix the carpet with a slight downward pull, depending on the method of attachment.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to sew loops to your carpet expertly, you are right with a cobbler or tailor. You also sew a velcro tape professionally with circumferential trim on the back of your rug.

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