Cutting tar paper - that's the way it works best

When it comes to cutting down roofing felt or bituminous membranes, many laypeople often feel helpless. These are not tarpaper nowadays because tar is banned since 1991. Which tools are really suitable for this and what you should always pay attention to when cutting tar paper or roofing paper, read this article.

Suitable tools for cutting to length

Basically, you can cut very thin roofing boards with a correspondingly strong scissors. In most cases this will be tedious and time consuming.

Other tools that can also be used are

  • knife
  • Universal cutter
  • hook blade

For hand cutting, the hook blade is a good choice. It also allows for strong cuts of thicker roofing boards. If you pull them from top to bottom through a train, you can also separate very strong. At the same time a very precise cut with a lot of power is possible.

Saws suitable?

Basically, you can use a suitable saw for all separation tasks. However, a saw is always a bit problematic in roofing felt.

Saws easily cause roofing membranes to tear. Such cracks can later lead to problems with the tightness. If you want to use a saw, be sure to use a special bitumen saw blade.

However, such special saw blades are expensive and often difficult to get.

Universal cutter

Universal cutters are a good and safer alternative. With them you can avoid injury as a layman quite well. The numerous adjustment options also make a comfortable cutting possible. The cut-control function of many devices is also useful here.

Cut correctly

Roofing boards should always be cut to length, taking care not to damage the cardboard. In particular, care should be taken that the cardboard is not kinked or bent at any point. That can damage them as well.

Mark the desired cutting length before cutting and make sure that you always check the cutting line with the spirit level. You should then always mark the cut first before cutting.

Tips & Tricks

Especially with the hook blade, make sure that you use it correctly and do not injure yourself. Due to the great force involved in cutting, a hook blade can cause nasty injuries.

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