The taste determines the material - shingles for the garden shed

The roof of a garden house usually has a manageable size and basically all types and materials of roof shingles for roofing in question. Whether bitumen, preolite, fiber cement, natural stone or clay is a matter of price and personal taste.

Roof shape is often crucial

If you want to cover a garden shed with roof shingles, you usually consider the roof shape first. The one or two uninterrupted surfaces of a console and gable roof can be covered with all types of shingles without much effort.

With polygonal roof shapes of four to eight corners, the transition edges play a greater role and can make the difference in favor of a flexible and malleable material such as bitumen or Preolit. For rigid roof shingle materials a comprehensive cutting and adaptation work is necessary.

material properties

  • If you think about shingles for your garden shed you should consider the following factors besides the personal taste.
  • The cheapest material from which shingles are made are bitumen, preolite and plastic.
  • Shingles made of plastic and Preolit ​​are elastic and flexible, so that they can be bent over edges and around curves without interruption.
  • The cheapest rigid roof shingles are made of fiber cement or Eternit.

Natural stone such as slate or clay-fired roof shingles have the highest material costs and are particularly complex to work with polygonal garden sheds.

Single purchase or module technology

  • has adapted shingle sets for its garden sheds.
  • lists over five hundred garden house models, which can be equipped with modules with different shingles.
  • offers roof shingles for individual purchase from all materials.

Tips & Tricks

Especially with polygonal roof forms of a garden house, it is advisable to buy a finished set to minimize the time-consuming and expensive post-processing. Some manufacturers of roof shingles offer their products precut to the desired dimensions.

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