The taxes at the two-family house

Taxes play a significant role in the running costs of a home. In this article, you will learn what is the difference between a two-family house and a detached house with a flat for tax purposes and how you can save taxes.

Two-family house or single-family house?

For many building owners, the single-family house with a separate apartment is a good alternative to a two-family house. Of course, this question raises the question: Which of these two options is cheaper in terms of taxes? To answer this, we now explain the tax difference between the two variants.

The apartment is considered the second living unit of a family house; no notarial divisional declaration is required. Accordingly, the tax office calculates the usable area share of the apartment from the area of ​​the house; the maintenance and construction costs can be claimed in proportion to this share of the tax.

The taxes at the two-family house: two-family

In contrast, the two-family dwelling legally represents two completely independent dwellings, for which a declaration of division is necessary. If you rent the other apartment, this is worthwhile, because the separate financing is set.

Save taxes on a two-family house

Of course there are some legal ways to save taxes on a two-family house. If one of the two apartments is let, you can save on taxes by financing this housing unit through borrowed capital. However, if both apartments are financed from a cash register, you have to pay taxes as if they were living in an apartment.

If you want to make the depreciation as effective as possible, you should start early after the acquisition: because at the beginning of the opportunities are the greatest and will be less and less with increasing time.

Tips & Tricks

A professional consultation with a tax consultant helps you to get an overview of the situation in your two-family house. In most cases, you have one or more ways to lower the taxes on your two-family home.