Descale Tefal steam ironing station - this is how it works best

Steam ironing stations are - similar to kettles - very susceptible to limescale deposits. The lime from the steam ironing station must be removed at regular intervals. How to do this at the Tefal Steam Ironing Stations is explained in detail in this article.

Lime in the steam ironing station

In many households in Germany there is a high water hardness. Here, lime separates from the water in very high quantities. This is especially true when water is heated. The higher the water temperature, the more hardeners separate out of the water and accumulate in the steam ironing station.

The deposits are found mainly in the water tank, but also in the water pipes and in the steam nozzles. These are the usual places with an iron or ironing station.

Lime collector

For most Tefal models, this problem has already been taken into account very well in advance. A special scale filter ensures that the lime can not be separated anywhere. It is filtered out and deposited in a so-called lime collector.

When decalcifying you can then rely on the effectiveness of Kalkvorbeugung. It only needs the lime collector emptied periodically, rinsed and may be replaced at longer intervals under certain circumstances.

Descale Tefal steam ironing station - step by step

  • Tefal steam ironing station
  • water

1. Allow the device to cool down

Switch off the steam ironing station, pull out the mains plug. Allow the device to cool down completely.

2. Empty the water tank

When the unit is completely cold, empty the water tank.

3. Clean the lime collector

Take the lime collector out of its housing and carefully rinse off any limescale deposits under running water. You can also descale the collector by placing it in a container with a suitable descaling solution (observe the manufacturer's instructions!). After decalcifying you have to rinse the collector thoroughly again. Then you can use it again.

4. Replace the filter cartridge

If a filter cartridge is used up and needs to be changed (electronic message from the device automatically), you can easily replace it. Where you need to use them and what cartridge is needed depends on the particular model you are using.

Tips & Tricks

Other household appliances should also be regularly descaled - such as the Tassimo or Dolce Gusto. Otherwise, the taste of the coffee is significantly affected, also the bacterial load in the coffee can be very high.

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