Build tent and tarp yourself

DIY for the camping trip

Build tent and tarp yourself: tarp

Tent and Tarp are ideal to avoid the bad weather.

Whether hiking, camping, a big party or just a hideaway, a tent is always a cozy and enjoyable alternative to being in nature. Even for the Indians, the tepee was a home many centuries ago.

The following instructions provide great templates that can be used for construction for free.

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Table of contents about tent and tarp

  • Build tents yourself
  • Tarps build yourself

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Build tents yourself


build by yourself. A guide with pictures
at trebeta

Tinker tepee

Construction manual for an Indian tent for indoor use made of blankets, wooden poles (broomsticks) and cords.

Tinker tent

for the children to play. An exact guide
at tinker-design

Tent for garden parties

build by yourself. A step by step guide
at Baumarkt

3D tent

Tinker with paper and a little skill a whole camp
at grids-raster

Tent of gingerbread

Recipe and instructions for an elaborate gingerbread cake in tent form
at Yurtland

Tent place cards

This is how to make a teddy bear invitation for the birthday party
at Kidsweb

Origami tent [PDF]

Origami teepee for plastic figures, Lego or Playmobil
at origami pages

Tarps build without sewing

Tips for building a tarp without sewing


to do for children themselves
at peppiclip

person tent

to sew for yourself. A tarpt for 2 persons
at tarptent

Tarps build yourself

Poncho as Tarp

use. How does that work?
at outdoor.meisner

Tarp make yourself

How to sew your own weather protection with some utensils
at canadierforum


sew it yourself. An exact sewing instructions are available
at river-line

Sew tarantum

A step-by-step guide to sewing your own tarp tent

Tarps build without sewing

Tips for building a tarp without sewing

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Video Board: Make A Tent With Floor From A Tarp