Technical terms, preliminary remarks, previous knowledge

UW-profile (also U-profile)

The UW profile (also referred to as U-profile) made of zinc sheet is on Floor, ceiling and wall assembled. There are these profiles in the Thicknesses 50, 75 and 100 mm (so-called mouth width). The CW profiles are set in the mounted UW profiles.

CW profile (also C profile)

The profile is a vertical, C-shaped upright profile of a Metal stud work, The CW profiles come with a shears tailored to the right length. They are inserted in the U-shaped frame profiles (UW profiles), with careful strokes and a spirit level aligned (must be absolutely vertical) and finally connected to each other. In our building plans for the connection of the profiles a so-called Crimperzange used. The crimping tool is one Punching and notching tongs for profile connections. It punctures the overlapping profiles at the same time and ensures a positive connection between the two profiles without any further fastening means. The CW stand profile is available in 50.75 mm and 100 mm thickness (CW and UW profiles must be equally strong). The planking is attached directly to the CW profiles; to be screwed Drywall screws used as they intersect themselves in the profiles.


Nonius pendants are used at the ceiling attached and take the CD profile on. Nonius pendants consist of one Hanger, an adjusting rod and a securing clip, With these components, a height compensation is adjustable.

reinforcement strips

At the fill in of bumps and edges of the plasterboard should reinforcement strips used to protect them. Reinforcement strips can be perforated and unperforated and made of different materials, eg. For example, does it exist as Paper joint cover strips, glass fiber strips, glass fiber strips and as alu paper edge protection.

Corner guards (also corner guards, corner guards)

Corner guards are mostly angled profiles Steel or aluminum sheet but also of plastic material. They become permanent Protection on the outside edges and corners of walls attached and plastered in with plastering. They are available in different versions for different Putzarten and plaster thicknesses (eg exterior plaster, interior plaster).


To be this construction of CW and UW profiles Plasterboard or gypsum fiber boards attached, the space is used for Recording installations (Cables, lights, empty sockets for light switches, etc.) and one insulating insert, usually suitably tailored mineral wool plates. If the CW profiles are installed correctly at a distance of 62.5 cm (a gypsum board is 125 cm wide), the impact of the gypsum plasterboard is exactly the same profile.

CD profile (also C ceiling profile)

The CD profile is on special profile made of metal to create at the Ceiling hanging substructures, which are clad / plastered with plasterboard. In these metal profiles hanger are hung, with which they are attached to the ceiling. In our example vernier hangers are used. Based on Kreuzschnellverbindern (sheet steel molding), the basic battens can be easily connected to the battens.

Profile types - the following profiles are distinguished:

  • C ceiling profile (CD)
  • U ceiling profile (UD)
  • C wall profile (CW)
  • U wall profile (UW)
  • L wall inner corner profile (LWi)
  • L wall outer corner profile (LWa)
  • U-bracing profile (UA)

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