Cutting patio tiles yourself - that's the way it works

It is not always possible to lay the terrace in such a way that no panels need to be cut. Many dread to cut the concrete or natural stone slabs. But with a little care and caution that's no problem.

Stone disc complements the angle grinder

A Flex or an angle grinder becomes with a stone disc to a good cutter for the terrace plates. But you have to buy really high quality discs and should never use discs from cheap packages.

safety first

It is extremely important when working with the angle grinder to protect the eyes and hands. Of course you should also wear safety shoes, especially if you work with such heavy material as a terrace plate.

Step by step cutting patio tiles

  • Terrassenplatten
  • water
  • Angle Grinder / Flex
  • stone disks
  • Wet trimmer - possibly borrow in the hardware store
  • Steinknacker - can also be borrowed in many hardware stores

1. How many plates need to be cut?

Planning is everything, even when cutting patio tiles. Knowing the amount of plates to be cut from the outset allows you to better decide between the different tools. Also pay attention to the instructions that may already be included with the plates.

2. Which material needs to be cut?

Terrace slabs, which are only about three centimeters thick, can be cut relatively well with a solid stone disc of the Flex. But if you want to cut granite, you should already borrow an electric machine with water supply in the hardware store.

A stone cracker is only required for extra strong stones. If the device available at your hardware store is older, the broken edge may look dirty and frayed. Then you have to work with the Flex.

3. Safety when cutting with the Flex

Find a good place to cut safely. Children and pets should be accommodated in the house. For one, they trip over electrical cables, which can trigger a pull on their end. This will cut the cut and accidents are inevitable.

In addition, both small Steinstückchen can be thrown away as well as parts of the cutting disc. Cutting discs can always dissolve once, you should be prepared for this and absolutely wear eye protection.

4. Cut and cool

Wet the deck plate a little before cutting. The disk does not heat up so much and does not burn. Some plates always have to be cut wet because they can jump otherwise.

Between two cuts you should let the flex cool down a bit. Do not cut all the slabs at once, but always lay the last terrace slab first.

So many times you have measured yourself a bit, or the reference wall was not at right angles, then you would have blended all the following plates. This is no pleasure when it comes to the prices of patio tiles.

Tips & Tricks

When buying, look for patio tiles, which are also available as half boards or in various other sizes. This makes it easier for you to vary and you rarely have to cut a terrace tile.

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