Terrace roofing as weather protection: the current prices

A high quality patio roof keeps rain and wind largely away. The investment is worthwhile in any case, if you want to use your terrace not only in the best weather. Which prices are usual?

Prices for aluminum terrace roofing

Anodized aluminum is a relatively weather-resistant material that is very popular as a roofing construction material due to its moderate cost. Covered are such aluminum scaffolds mostly with polycarbonate plates.

  • Terrace roofing aluminum with Polycarboneindeckung 200 x 250 cm: approx. 1,250 EUR
  • Terrace roofing aluminum with Polycarboneindeckung 1000 x 500 cm: approx. 10,000 EUR

The terrace roofing prices vary depending on the manufacturer and individual execution, we give you only guideline values. In the mentioned prices only the material costs including VAT are included, but without wall mounting and concrete posts.

Prices for wooden terrace roofing

A wooden construction emits more comfortable warmth and is usually cheaper. You can cover your wooden canopy for example with transparent polycarbonate plates or with glass. Expect a shatterproof glass roof with a much higher price.

  • Standard terrace roofing made of wood, without roofing material, 300 x 300 cm: from approx. 600 EUR
  • Luxury terrace roofing made of wood, without roofing material, 250 x 300 cm: from approx. 1.200 EURo

Also these terrace roofing prices are inclusive of VAT, but without the delivery and installation costs. Large roofs cost accordingly more.

What costs are added to the prices quoted?

Calculate also the additional costs to the already mentioned prices. The delivery costs amount to approximately 50 to 200 EUR, depending on how to get there.

The costs for the installation are even more important: the expert demands about 600 to 2.000 EUR, depending on how big your roof is and what special features arise for the installation.

A professional system for roof drainage is highly recommended, this costs from 100 EURro upwards. Additional parts such as roof connection and side panel cause additional costs.

Example project: Terrace roofing made of wood

A homeowner can be a chic wooden construction with the area measure 250 x 300 cm mount. The roof is covered with polycarbonate panels.

Cost overviewprice
Terrace roofing made of wood 250 x 300 cm1,300 EUR
Polycarbonplatten700 EUR
delivery160 EUR
Assembly1,300 EUR
roof drainage240 EUR
Roof connection and anchoring200 EUR
total3,900 euros

Mount the terrace cover yourself

For the assembly of a finished kit you do not necessarily need a specialist, but at least one other person must help you to set up. That way you can save a lot of money.

Tips & Tricks

Do not forget to ask the competent building authority whether you need a permit before installing your terrace roofing! This prevents you from having to tear down an existing construction in the event of an emergency.

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