Design the terrace - instructions

Design the terrace - instructions: design

A private terrace is worth the price. Here you can recharge your batteries with fresh air - in the summer, in the morning, with the first cup of coffee. If you design your terrace, it should meet your personal needs and tastes.

There are different circumstances to consider and make the best of it. Is the terrace directly accessible from the street? Is she very small? Do not you like the flooring or do you lack ideas on how to make a very large terrace comfortable?

Design the terrace - instructions: very

A common request is a cozy place to relax, as here in the hanging chair.

There are possibilities for every task and for every budget to turn a terrace into an oasis of well-being. There are a number of considerations that guide you step by step through this guide so as not to neglect anything essential.

What should take place on the terrace?

In any case, you should ask and answer this important question. If you have small children, you might want to set up a play area on the terrace. Many wish for relaxation and a sunbed.

You would like to garden a bit on the terrace, another family member would like to have a barbecue with friends and the kids want a small pool?

Design the terrace - instructions: design

Pull your own vegetables on the terrace? This is often feasible and not difficult at all.

Depending on the size, not all wishes may be realized, then priorities have to be set or different uses have to be agreed through creative solutions and compromises.

For example, by becoming a vertical gardener, having a chic table grill instead of a stand-alone appliance, and on hot days, putting an inflatable mini-pool on the patio.

If, on the other hand, you want to make a very large terrace comfortable, then it makes sense to divide it into different areas that can be used differently. For example, a play area for the children separated by a planted trellis from a cozy sitting area.

What fits into the color concept?

You should have a color concept for every type of design and pursue it consistently. This makes the design simply more harmonious. Favorite colors well combined or tone on tone are always a good approach to feeling comfortable.

The calmer and more restrained the color concept is, the better is a deliberate style break with a single piece or a specimen plant.

Design the terrace - instructions: design

This is all about fresh blues and greens, which fit well into the environment.

Design the terrace - instructions: very

You can get inspiration for your own color concept anywhere, even in nature.

Who decides to white, pink and red tones, gets a summery, cheerful and feminine look. With blues and greens it's also happy, but a little more neutral. Blue and white tones go very well with a maritime design with individual red accents. Natural tones in all objects let the colors of the plants dominate. Whichever you choose, keep your color concept in mind with every new purchase.

Incidentally, a color concept can be as colorful as possible, but it's not that easy to implement in style.

Which budget is available?

Your own wishes and dreams are usually limited by the available budget. Either way, priorities must be set.

Design the terrace - cheap

When budgeting, you should prioritize things that directly affect usability when they are missing. Sun protection on a south-facing terrace or privacy in an unfavorable location. Washed concrete slabs can even become a wooden terrace a year later. Furniture is used cheaply and plants can be pulled out of seeds themselves.

However, a small portion of the budget should definitely be earmarked for deco, planters and seeds to make it pretty. Wellness and enjoyment are not dependent on the budget, which is invested in the terrace design.

Design the terrace - instructions: very

Decorative details can be produced very well, such as this wind chime.

Design the terrace - instructions: very

Fire and light create a light atmosphere - here a whole tray full.

If you want to design a terrace with little money, you can have fun with numerous DIY projects around the beautification of the terrace. For example, with a self-built raised bed made of wood or stones and when planting and planting, when crafting a wind chime or beautiful chandeliers or a fairy lights.

Lush budget for a luxury lounge or an outdoor spa?

Design the terrace - instructions: terrace

Anyone who can and wants to invest more should translate this into quality, which is characterized by durability and sustainability. It's worth it if you live long term and your personal taste does not change every season.

If the size of the terrace is sufficient and a patio roofing is present or built, the private terrace can become your home-like outdoor spa, for example, with an outdoor whirlpool or hot-tube, loungers and appropriate privacy screens.

Ambitious home cooks can think of a fully functional outdoor kitchen, and hospitable luxury lovers may equip their patio with comfortable lounge furniture and a bar.

Design the terrace with privacy screens and shading

To be able to use a terrace extensively and to feel comfortable, these elements are very important. In the scorching sun it gets as uncomfortable as in the cool wind or under the constant gaze of passers-by who pass just a few meters away from the patio table.

Design the terrace - instructions: design

Awnings are light and provide shade.

Against the sun on a small terrace already helps a parasol, with a larger awning is a moderately complex solution. If you want to spend more and where the attachment is allowed, with an awning or a patio roofing also protection in light rain.

If occasionally some protection is needed, a folding gazebo may also be a good solution.

Design the terrace - instructions: very

When attaching, care must be taken to ensure a secure fit.

Material examples for wind, visual and sun protection:

  • bamboo sticks
  • Screening wicker mat
  • slat fence
  • awning
  • Parasol small
  • Parasol big
  • clamp awning
  • Raised bed trellis

Under a patio roof made of glass or double-skin sheets, a possibility for shading usually has to be installed as otherwise the heat will build up underneath.

Screening and wind protection is feasible through side awnings, trellis, privacy fencing or plants. Depending on the taste, there is always a solution, but at the same time these things can also be design elements.


For the floor of a terrace different coverings are eligible. If you do not like the already existing soil, there are many ways to easily put another layer on it, if the soil underneath is intact.

Design the terrace - instructions: terrace

Not a pretty sight, completely bare washed concrete slabs, dirty and vermoost.

This includes:

  • Terrace tiles made of wood
  • Hallway larch european
  • Outdoor carpet
  • artificial turf
  • Safety mats
  • Plastic tiles
  • u. a.

In any case, a thorough cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is usually worthwhile, to see whether you can arrange with the floor or even to have no moss and the like under a new surface.

Anyone who owns or has the permission of the landlord may also lay a new floor, such as paving stones, porcelain stoneware terrace tiles, polygonal panels and the like. ä... There are also ideas of stone and wood for the floor of the terrace, which look very harmonious and interesting.

Design the terrace - instructions: very

That was worth it. Now the plates are already brighter and can also be occupied.

Design the terrace - instructions: very

A thorough cleaning will remove all stubborn dirt and also the moss.

Terrace furniture for a comfortable and comfortable terrace design

In which style would you like to design your terrace?

Mediterranean, modern or sophisticated? Colorful and cheerful or close to nature? That is a matter of taste and it is important that you meet your taste. The furniture should just fit. There are many.

Design the terrace - instructions: design

Garden chairs invite you to relax.

The question of the weather resistance arises especially when there is no way to store the furniture in winter.

On the other hand, if the furniture is dry under a patio roof, they are very well housed there and can stay there all year round.

Rather get used good-quality garden furniture as plastic chairs for 5 euros that are barely able to carry an adult human and have a noticeably short lifespan. Such things are primarily environmental pollution.

For the same reason, when buying a new one, be careful not to buy tropical woods without certificates. Better like larch or Douglas fir wood or furniture made of metal or high-quality plastics.

Terrace frame with plants and flower bowls

The planting should be selected and planned according to some criteria. It should be appropriate

  • the time available for watering and caring
  • the place that is available
  • the location (sunny, partially shaded, shady)
  • the color concept
  • the budget
  • to overwinter the possibilities not hardy plants
  • your own preferences

Gardening on the balcony and terrace is in vogue, so besides edible plants edible ones are also considered, whereby one does not exclude the other. Where there is not much space, plants can be stored well on trellises, in plant bags for the wall or hanging. See sample image on Amazon.

Containers for planting:

  • Design the terrace - instructions: design

    This makes walls easy to decorate.
    Wooden stacking frames
  • plant bags
  • Plant pots plastic
  • Pots angular plastic
  • Plant trough rectangle plastic
  • mortar trough
  • Flexicorb with lid
  • Flexicorb colorful
  • Flexicorb angularly colored
  • Flexi frost and UV stable
  • Wooden boxes fruit / wine

In shading or in privacy, plants can play a major role. For example, in the form of a covered pergola or bamboo in troughs u. ä.

With plants there are design possibilities on all terraces, depending on whether you are the type for a noble specimen plant or for your own jungle.

When lighting the terrace you prefer LED lighting

If you also want to spend the evenings on your terrace or just enjoy the view of the terrace, you need a nice lighting. Solar LED lights even allow this without any power connection.

Candles, torches and fire pits provide a romantic setting for a summer evening on the terrace. A light tube, illuminated plant troughs or fairy lights with or without solar can, however, also less dangerous for the fire, which can be very relaxing especially for very young children.

With the lighting, you can stage what you like most. For example, a small pool, a beautiful plant or a sculpture. With light bands or hoses you can emphasize and frame lines.

Design the terrace - instructions: terrace

Fire has its own charm, whether in a fire bowl or a fire pit.

Design the terrace - instructions: instructions

An atmospheric lighting is good for every terrace and provides enough light.

Decorations of the terrace

Much of what you put on your patio is more or less decorative anyway. Nevertheless, the whole thing with a little decoration even more homely and individual.

Take on the colors and the style and add some accents.

These can be a few cushions, some candlesticks, roseballs, baskets, a windmill or even a beautiful sculpture. A fire bowl, flags, a birdbath, lanterns or lanterns.

Design the terrace - instructions: terrace

If you want to make your terrace maritime, decorated with shells and nets.

Design the terrace - instructions: terrace

Even commodities can be very decorative and round off the sight.

Author: Christiane Baldwin

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