Framing the terrace of a terraced house

Many terraced houses offer the residents a terrace that creates additional space and can be used in many different ways, especially in summer. In this article you will learn how to design the terrace of your terraced house to combine privacy and a pleasant sense of space.

Screening and patio roofing: the privacy

When designing a successful terrace, especially in terraced house, one thing is essential: privacy. For who wants to be constantly watched by his neighbors while barbecuing or simply relaxing? By installing a privacy screen you achieve a significant increase in your privacy. It separates your outdoor area effectively from that of your neighbors and is available in many variants; The optics are not too short.

Even a patio roofing contributes significantly to protect your terrace from prying eyes and weather conditions. It is available in various variations and, together with the privacy screen, provides a good basis for using the terrace in a relaxed way.

Framing the terrace of a terraced house: terrace

Countless design options

Your terrace should be designed the way you like it: no matter if with plants, a creative floor covering or attractive outdoor furniture - here your taste is in demand. If you go to the furniture store, you will find many suggestions to make your outdoor area as pleasant as possible.

When it comes to costs, you should also decide for yourself how much you want to invest. Especially in the outdoor area, however: High-quality furniture last much longer than cheap furnishings and have a positive impact on the overall atmosphere of the terrace.

Especially in terms of privacy or other separating measures but you should make sure that the terrace is not "zugebaut" and provides enough space. If there are walls and roofs on all sides, you almost have the feeling of being in a room on the terrace.

Tips & Tricks

On the Internet you will find many creative suggestions and design options for your terrace. In addition to numerous shops, where you can order certain furnishings quickly and easily home, there are pictures, videos and tools that you can use to make the terrace of your terraced house virtual.

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