Lay patio slabs of natural stone or concrete

The decision as to whether the patio slabs are made of concrete or natural stone is a mixture of aesthetic and monetary considerations. The craftsmanship is similar. Visually, concrete is so treatable that it can almost be considered as natural stone. There is no expensive waste for special patterns.

Selection criteria for purchase and installation

For a terrace covering, there are three materials available:

  • concrete
  • tiling
  • natural stone

All three variants have advantages and disadvantages. The biggest differences exist between concrete and natural stone. This concerns both the processing and the care. The following properties and factors are important for the purchase and laying work:

  • Material price of concrete is significantly lower than for natural stone
  • Concrete can also be poured or customized with frame shapes
  • Natural stone can also be stuck to the appropriate substrate
  • Concrete only has to be slightly reworked and impregnated
  • Concrete has a greater dimensional stability than most types of natural stone. For patterns or mosaics, there is no waste in concrete
  • Concrete can be designed in any color, while natural stone color changes are not possible
  • Concrete is frost resistant, with natural stone it depends on variety and processing

Selection criteria for use, maintenance and care

The second essential decision area concerns the subsequent maintenance, the maintenance and preservation properties of concrete and natural stone:

  • Natural stone can cause scratches that need to be removed
  • Natural stone is sensitive to cleaning with auxiliary agents
  • Sanding natural stone is more often necessary and more expensive than for concrete
  • When children use the terrace, the sensitivity of the surface can play an important role. Natural stone can break, concrete hardly
  • Natural stone can be prepared by polishing optically attractive
  • Random natural colors, structures and textures of natural rock create atmosphere and are unique

Tips & Tricks

If you are planning a replacement later, a stilt construction allows you to change later without great effort. So, when the children have grown up or the construction fund has relaxed, you can switch from concrete to natural stone.

Product picture: U.J. Alexander / Shutterstock

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