Clean terrace tiles thoroughly and gently

Many guides recommend the generous use of water when cleaning patio tiles. Equally often is the advice to use a pressure washer. Both types of procedure should ensure that the material of the tile material can handle the treatment well.

Force replaces water and steam

Basically, the application of mechanical force when cleaning the patio tiles is the most recommended. Natural stone is hard and stable, but has an open-pored surface, which can be sensitive to a lot of water or high pressure. Sealed surfaces, glazed ceramics and high-quality concrete, on the other hand, can handle this kind of cleaning.

When cleaning, the quality of the joints must also be taken into account. If mortar crumbles in some places or has structural cracks, it must be reworked and repaired before cleaning. In loose grouting, which is more common in natural stone terrace stones, you should never work with a water jet.

How to gently clean terrace tiles

  • water
  • Vinegar or citric acid
  • Soap lye from curd soap
  • sal ammoniac
  • Possibly chlorine bleach or
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • orange peel
  • Soft broom
  • Hard broom
  • puller
  • scrubbing brush
  • mop bucket
  • Microfiber wiping cloth or
  • Cotton wipe
  • Hard toothbrush for joint cleaning
  • Eraser for joint cleaning
  • spray bottle

1. Pre-cleaning

Remove all coarse and loose soiling with a hard broom. Damp and sticky foliage can be removed with the puller. If the patio tiles are dry, sweep with a soft broom to remove dust and sand residue.

2. Wipe up

For normal uniform soiling, wipe your patio tiles damp. Dip the microfibre cloth in lukewarm water and wipe with the dripping wet cloth. Use a soft cotton cloth on polished patio tiles.

3. Wipe off

If you have wiped up the dirt, wring the wipe and wipe to pick up the residual moisture. Repeat the wiping and wiping if necessary.

4. Wiping water additives

Depending on the type of contamination, mix a few drops of acetic or citric acid, sal ammoniac or chlorine bleach into the mop water. From Kernseife you can make a soapy water. For some persistent stains, pre-spraying dilute hydrogen peroxide can help. If there is no effect, increase the mixing ratio only with care, since too much of the addition leads to a smear layer.

Tips & Tricks

If your patio tiles have lost shine, you can rub the surfaces with orange peels. This saves the application of chemical brighteners and additionally dissolves water and lime spots.

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