Terrace tiles with epoxy resin grout

Whether concrete terrace tiles or precious natural stones, robust pavement joints are needed. However, the usual joints quickly pick up dirt or wash out with a high-pressure cleaner. But today there is a 2-component plaster joint mortar, which is mixed with epoxy resin. This mortar can not be washed out or streaked with weeds.

Soak in or dry in

Also, the 2-component pavement joint mortar can, like sand, either wet wet or dry with a broom work. The special mortar is available in different colors depending on the manufacturer. Thus, the terrace covering can be made lively and the joints adapt to the taste of the residents.

Create paving joints again

If the terrace tiles are to be completely grouted with an epoxy resin mixture, then a lot of work is necessary before. All joints between the terrace tiles must be cleared to a depth of at least three centimeters.

The required epoxy resin is mixed with the joint sand and incorporated into the joints. For large areas you should not mix the entire mass immediately. It is better to work in divided sections to prevent the epoxy from drying on the tiles.

Video Board: SmartCare Tile Grout - Epoxy Based