Renovate the terrace without much effort

After a harsh winter, a terrace can look rather battered. For most damage, whether it be stone, concrete wood, or relatively inexpensive solutions, renovations will give freedoms their former glory.

Refurbish by renovating

A terrace has a lot to endure in the course of the seasons. Extreme temperature differences consume the material and the surfaces. Many damages can be repaired with a renovation so that there is no difference to the previous appearance. Only with deep damage and real cracks or fractures a costly renovation is necessary.

Usually the terrace tiles, the terrace stones or the wooden terrace are cleaned in spring. In this case, color chips, small cracks in stone or tiles or joint break can be visible.

While wooden decks can generally be sanded down and repainted, impregnated, painted or sealed, stone repairs are required. The industry has developed special quick-gluing products for renovating a terrace. The closing of cracks and joints is no problem and will be maintained during the summer season. The cause of the damage such as a faulty mortar bed is not eliminated.

To renovate a stone or wooden terrace

  • powder adhesive
  • water
  • Transparent impregnating agent
  • Textile adhesive for awning cracks
  • replacement plates
  • replacement boards
  • colour
  • silicone
  • abrasive
  • brush
  • String role
  • puller
  • joint iron
  • spatula
  • silicone gun

1. Assess damage

Make a list of any damage you notice during the spring cleaning of your patio. Flooring, railing, stairs, awning and substructure should be inspected.

2. Repair the stone and plate

If you notice small cracks in stones or tiles that do not make edging up, you can spread the powder glue mixed in water with a puller that will close the cracks.

3. joint break

If the mortar has become friable, you must scrap out the joints with the joint iron and grout with ready-mixed mortar. Alternatively, you can inject silicone into the empty joints. Make sure that no silicone penetrates, drips or swells on the stone surface.

4. wood elements

Depending on the state of the peeling off of the paint or the surface finish, you can sand or sand wood and repaint or seal it.

Tips & Tricks

The renovation of a terrace follows your own sense of optical preservation. If damage is to be permanently eliminated, renovation often has to be carried out with plate or stone replacement, replacement planks or wood, and in extreme cases with disassembly and rebuilding of the substructure.