Clean terrace wood - gentle and caring

A wooden terrace should be cared for as gently as possible. For example, with a high-pressure cleaner, the wood structure would be over-attacked. Damage caused by weather and strong sunshine would soon be guaranteed. How you can clean the wooden terrace, we show you here in the manual step by step.

Clean terrace wood step by step

  • Holzentgrauer
  • Wood soap / detergent
  • Wood oil / wax
  • broom
  • scrubbing brush
  • rough brush
  • abrasive paper
  • bucket
  • spatula
  • brush
  • soft towels

1. Remove coarse dirt

In some places there will be coarse dried up dirt. This should be removed with a spatula or a hard brush. You should also remove moss with a spatula or a brush, which protects the wood surface.

Using a pressure washer will do more harm than good. If there is any contamination from birds or paint stains, you can easily sand these limited areas with emery paper. You should only do this if you then want to apply a protective oil or wax.

2. Wash and de-bark

Lukewarm water and some dishwashing liquid are usually sufficient to thoroughly clean a wooden terrace. Use a scrubber to foam the soapy water on the wood. Work along the planks and scrub the dirt over the edge. You can of course also use a special Holzentgrauer, but usually the detergent does the same service.

3. Rinse and dry

You can remove the remainder of the soap foam with some buckets of water. Practical is also a garden hose without nozzle. The water gently splashes on the wood. Then simply push the scrubber over the leftovers. Then the terrace has to dry for several days. Even in summer, a wooden floor needs at least three days to dry completely.

4. Oiling the terrace

The cleaning always includes a subsequent care. This should be done with wood oil. Distribute the oil evenly over the planks with a wide brush. After about an hour, the excess should be taken up with soft cloths.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to protect an older untreated decking with varnish, you should sand the wood thoroughly. This is not always easy because of the corrugation of most wooden planks. Therefore, you should either immediately paint the new terrace or later enter the floorboards only with oil.

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