Decking Oil

Many garden owners would like to have a noble wooden terrace as a garden retreat, but doubt in view of the care required, whether they should opt for this timeless classic. Because humid and humid summer months and increasingly rainy winters offer algae and mushrooms, especially on garden trees, the best living conditions. The blackish-green growth is not just an optical flaw. Moist wooden terraces especially promote the Slipping. Remedy here creates a new wood care, which has a special anti-slip effect. At the same time, the colorless terraced oil prevents green growth and offers improved UV protection to preserve the natural wood color.

Particles against slipping on the terrace

Decking Oil: terrace

The secret of "Anti-slip terrace oil" lies in small particles, which join together when applied and remain on the surface. Nevertheless, there is no unpleasant sandpaper feeling when walking barefoot. The oil as such penetrates deeply into the fibers of the wood for lasting protection of the structure, leaving the material breathable and elastic. As a result, not only is the highest level of slip resistance offered. The combination of care, UV resistance and protection against algae keeps the wood fresh, natural lookso that long-term preservation of value is ensured.

Solutions for old and new terraces

The "Anti-slip terrace oil" suitable for a variety of domestic and tropical wood species. The manufacturer Osmo recommends the use especially in combination with a suitable one Wood special oil, In this way you will protection reinforced and extended the renovation intervals. If there is already vegetation, the greenspoon remover Gard Cleanzum should be used beforehand. The manufacturer already offers for the new terrace construction pretreated anti-slip planks who only need a single coat of paint after laying.

Terrace oil from vegetable substances

Decking Oil: terrace

The non-slip terrace oil of Osmo based on herbal substances, such as sunflower, soy and thistle oil. It thus meets the growing demand of consumers for a healthy and environmentally friendly construction. The permanent protective effect increases the value retention of the summer living room and allows even more carefree hours to enjoy on the home terrace.

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