Separate and cut patio slabs

Separate and cut patio slabs: cutting

If you want to lay your terrace on your own, you may consider creating the terrace area in such a way that no plates need to be cut, In most cases, one can not help but cut some plates themselves. You can also cut the cuts, for example, with a standard angle grinder with stone disc.

Separate and cut patio slabs: help

But cleaner and easier to do this with a wet Schneider (Image 1). This device you can rent through the equipment rental (about 25 euros a day). The rental fee for the saw blade will be added to the rent (approx. 30 Euro per millimeter).

Separate and cut patio slabs: separate

When cutting is to be noted: The device should be in the balance, otherwise it tilted and the slide (Figure 2) is not running properly. This gives an unsightly plate grinding.

Separate and cut patio slabs: help

The approximately eight centimeters thick paving stones for terraces or driveways can be easiest with the help of a so-called "Stone-Cracker" cut to length and made to measure (about 15 euros rental rent per day, pictures 3 and 4). This not only saves a lot of work, but also the cutting of the stones can be done accurately.

Separate and cut patio slabs: help

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