Title: Defrosting the freezer quickly - done in a jiffy

The freezer compartment in the fridge is ideal to absorb the small demand for frozen foods. The more often it is used and opened, the faster it forms a layer of ice. It can be thawed very quickly with simple tricks.

Defrost faster

The freezer compartment can be defrosted particularly quickly with a hair dryer. The warm air melts the ice. The hair dryer should only be set to a medium heat output. Excessive heat can damage plastic parts in the freezer compartment. With this method for urgent ones a higher power consumption is necessary. When the first pieces of ice break loose, remove them. So then falls to less condensation, which you must wipe away.
The tau process can also be accelerated with a bowl of hot water. Put the bowl in the freezer compartment and close the door. Let the warm steam work.
Another helpful source of heat may be a hot water filled hot water bottle. For protection, wrap the hot water bottle in a dishcloth or pack it in a plastic bag. Do not use boiling water to fill. It can damage the seal of the hot water bottle and drain water. Place the hot water bottle in the freezer and then close it. The heat of the bottle allows the ice to defrost quickly.
Salt can thaw ice that has formed on the bottom of the freezer. Add salt to the ice at a low dose. Remove the mixture of salt and thawed ice as quickly as possible and wipe thoroughly to prevent salt marks from forming on the bottom of the freezer compartment.

Helper for fast defrosting

  • Bowl of hot water
  • lukewarm foehn air
  • hot-water bottle
  • possibly table salt

How does ice form in the freezer compartment?

Warmer air enters the ice-cold interior of the freezer compartment when the flap or door is open. Closes the flap by a defect no longer properly, constantly flows in warmer air. The incoming hot air settles on the inner walls and forms condensation, which freezes to ice. Freezing condensation is also the result of incorrectly filling the freezer compartment. Hot food or moist packaging promotes the formation of condensation. Before freezing, refrigerate food in the refrigerator and thoroughly dry moist food packaging. How to inhibit the formation of ice in the freezer compartment.

Tips & Tricks

Never use a steam cleaner to remove the ice or to clean the freezer. If the steam gets into the electrical components of the refrigerator, there is a risk of a fatal electric shock. In addition, the hot steam can damage plastic parts of the device.

Meta: defrosting freezer quickly - we show tools that accelerate defrosting. We explain the ice formation and how to get rid of it.

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