Are there any solid houses from the catalog?

The principle of the "house from the catalog" is known in prefabricated houses, but is this option also available for solid houses? In this article, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the solid house from the catalog and why solid house manufacturers offer this option at all.

"Catalog" - but belongs to the prefabricated house, right?

Most widely known is the distinction between prefabricated and solid houses, in which, above all, an assumption is supporting: Solid houses are built individually, while prefabricated houses only models from the catalog. This is no longer true today, individual prefabricated houses are just as possible as "finished" solid houses.

The individualization of prefabricated houses is relatively new. For decades, the principle of the prefabricated catalog has proven itself. The advantages are different: By already finished floor plans eliminates planning effort, even the pre-visit of the later house is popular. A small selection of advantages, but already show that the success of the catalog in solid construction, nothing stands in the way.

Are there any solid houses from the catalog?: house

Why a massive house from the catalog?

If you like the advantages mentioned, but you are not convinced by the prefabricated construction, a finished solid house is just the thing for you. You get a completely massive house with all its advantages, but save planning effort and thus costs.

Does the massive house in the catalog save any costs at all? Yes, but the bottom line savings are limited: planning costs and the architect's salary are eliminated. Therefore, one must also ask the question: Are the advantages of the solid house from the catalog not too low?

The quality of the massive house, to be planned and built according to personal taste, own wishes and individual needs, is largely eliminated with the catalog. Although the choice here is high, it does not match the creativity of a good architect. Therefore, you should consider whether you no longer enjoy an individual solid house.

Tips & Tricks

If a model from the catalog comes close to your ideal, it makes sense to save time, planning and money. Therefore, it is important to look at your own project before making decisions.

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