Are there also price lists for solid houses?

The principle of the catalog is known from the prefabricated construction: You will receive a price list, which presents you different models and the respective prices. In this article you will find out if and how this principle is also used in solid construction and what advantages you have of it.

Catalog - yes or no?

Before you consider what advantages a price list offers for solid houses, they should clarify whether you want a massive house from the catalog at all. For although solid houses are known for individual planning, the selection in the catalogs of the massive house manufacturers is getting bigger.

Good overview

An essential advantage of a price list is the overview of different house sizes, types and the associated prices. This will allow you to plan construction and financing more safely from the start than if you chose an individual house with the architect. In addition, in many cases you have the choice between a development house and a turnkey variant.

Are there also price lists for solid houses?: price

In addition, you can see at a glance what you get for how much money. This makes it easier to decide on possible additional equipment or size, but clearly shows any savings. If the selection is not big enough for a company, it is essential to use competitors' catalogs to get an even better overview.

Suggestions from the price list

Even if you are sure that you want to build an individual house, price lists from massive house sellers are useful: They give creative suggestions for your personal planning due to the large selection of different house models. Do you like individual parts of a house so well that you also want to take over them? With such a high investment it is important to get the most out of it.

Most importantly, you feel comfortable with your choices. If you want a completely individual design, then plan it as well. Price lists, however, can help you to make priced and creative decisions.

Tips & Tricks

Compare also the prices between turnkey houses and development houses. A price list can help to make the decision about the type and shows how own services affect the final price.

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