Is there a mailbox duty?

The question of a mailbox duty must be clearly answered with a yes. Of course, a mailbox should be attached to every apartment and every house, even in their own interest. However, there is no general obligation to do so. However, the landlord of an apartment must provide his tenant with a mailbox.

A tenant needs a mailbox

Although a landlord at the beginning of the lease, for example, a freestanding house its tenant to commit themselves to buy a mailbox. But in a multi-family house, the mailbox is a rental property and must be usable accordingly. The landlord has to take care of that.

The courts have allowed the tenants here more often rent reductions, for example, if the mailbox was significantly smaller than the usual DIN for mailboxes. Also, the slit width and the impermeability to rain are important aspects that can lead to a rent reduction.

  • Mailbox not waterproof - rent reduction of 1 percent
  • Mailbox not available or badly damaged - rent reduction accepted by the renter
  • Mailbox uncertain and not lockable - rent reduction of 3.5 percent

Mailbox duty

There are always rumors about a mailbox duty by the country. Especially in the net, the emotions boil up. In fact, private homes have no obligation to hang a mailbox. However, this is of course in your own interest. In the worst case, you would otherwise have to check the official notices at the district court regularly to see if perhaps by a bailiff, a delivery has been made.

The bailiff does not only come into the house if he wants to collect money. He also assigns official letters, for example, if the recipient does not have a mailbox. Even private individuals can use the bailiff for a small fee to have a letter delivered.

District Court

Honestly, who of us has in recent years, the notices looked at the district court? As a rule, a notice board will only hang there for four weeks until it is considered delivered.

Tips & Tricks

Observe the DIN EN 13724, in which the dimensions are regulated for a mailbox. This DIN is also called mailbox standard. For example, tenants may reduce their rent if the mailbox is smaller than the DIN.

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