Is there something like the "best wall paint"?

Although most homeowners opt for a disperse paint from the hardware store, there is a much wider range of paint for the wall. For example, preservationists swear by mineral paints, and environmentally conscious people even bring the traditional mud color back into play. Our ancestors also painted with glue paints: Why is this color type barely used? We are looking for the best wall paint!

What demands do you make of your color?

Whether a wall paint can be described as "the best" depends above all on the demands it has on it. And they may differ from case to case, so the ideal solution will always be subjective.

Would you prefer to preserve the diffusibility of your wall - or are you more interested in the washability of the surface? Are strong shades of interest to you - or do you prefer natural colors and eco-friendly materials?

It depends on answering these and other questions which is your personal best wall color: The following overview provides an orientation guide.

Overview of the most important colors and their properties

types of paintpermeableabrasion resistantwashabletintedmold-preventive
emulsion paintmediummedium to highmediumoutstandingonly with fungicidal additive
latex paintmedium to rather lowhighhighoutstandingrather moldy
silicate painthighhighmedium to highonly with alkali-resistant pigmentsoutstanding
Whitewashinghighmediumlow to mediumonly with alkali-resistant pigmentsYes
distemperhighlow to mediumlowWellyes, by humidity regulation
clay colorhighmedium to highlow to mediumup to about 5%yes, by humidity regulation

In the brevity of a table, of course, only rough statements can be made, so at least you get a first overview in order to be able to further orient themselves. It is important to say at this point that distinctions can also be made within the individual color categories.

Differentiation of colors: properties change!

The paint industry is well versed in handling admixtures and blends to vary the properties of colors. For example, not only pure silicate paints, but also dispersion silicate paints with plastic additives have long been available.

Latex paints are usually no longer made of rubber, but of finely divided plastic beads, which have a high binder density. Real rubber paints are very expensive and in turn have slightly different properties than their artificial relatives.

Modern glue paints often hold better on the wall than their historic predecessors: they can be painted once or twice, but the fourth time it will be difficult at the latest. Inform yourself individually about your favorite paints to find the best wall paint for your purposes!

Tips & Tricks

Use our table as a first orientation guide and keep you informed! For example, use the inserted links to get directly to the respective color type.

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