Is there a wall paint that effectively prevents mold?

Some wall paints are specifically designed to combat mold, but they only work under certain conditions. In addition, there are several different varieties, some are enriched with biocides, others in turn tackle the annoying fungus with high pH values. But no matter which paints you choose, one thing you should always keep in mind: The causes of mold damage must be remedied in advance.

Before applying the wall paint, remove the mold

Mold always occurs where moisture accumulates over a long period of time. It thrives particularly well in places with little air circulation, because here also the surrounding air is wonderfully moist.

Never paint fresh wall paint on such areas to fight the mold in this way! Eliminate the cause of the moisture intrusion first and then let it dry completely again.

The mold itself should preferably be removed by a specialist so as not to contaminate your four walls with more spores. Now you can apply your wall paint as a preventive measure against the recurrence of the fungus.

As a guide to finding the right wall paint we have prepared the following short overview for you. Because not every fungicidal coating works in the same way.

Fungicidal wall paintoperationapplicationimportant information
chlorine-containing anti-mold colorEffectively kills mold chemicallyafter acute infestation in particularly endangered areasapply protective clothing when handling, ventilate well
Wall paint with other biocideskills mold chemicallyin vulnerable areaspay attention to sanitary safety
Whitewashingraises the pHin endangered areas, cellars and shedsCorrosive in the liquid state
silicate paintraises the pHin endangered areas and on all mineral surfacesCorrosive in the liquid state

The latter two types of color are breathable mineral paints without chemical additives, which contribute to a healthy indoor climate. The first two paints, on the other hand, are enriched with chemicals, some of which can be of health concern. Inform yourself well!

Tips & Tricks

If you choose a silicate paint, please note that this paint can only be used on purely mineral substrates. By silicification it forms a firm connection with the wall and is therefore exceptionally durable.

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