That is why mineral wall paint is so recommended!

The most well-known mineral wall paint is the lime color, but there is another important representative of this type of paint: the silicate paint. It is especially recommended for the coating of walls in residential buildings, because it contributes to a good indoor climate. Lime paints have similar properties, but have a small drawback - we go in search of clues.

These benefits bring the silicate color

Silkat paints probably do not enjoy a high degree of familiarity among skilled craftsmen, because they are corrosive when wet and only hold on mineral substrates. That makes the handling a bit complicated.

However, if you work with suitable protective clothing and are sure about the mineral properties of the plaster or the rough wall, working with silicate paint is not a problem. You can take advantage of these benefits when coating with mineral wall paint:

  • Silicate paints have a high pH and thus keep mold and germs away.
  • The mineral wall paint forms a chemical bond with the substrate and therefore proves to be extremely robust.
  • Even sulfur-containing exhaust gases can hardly harm this type of color.
  • Silicate paints are extremely permeable and therefore provide good air and moisture exchange.
  • The coating contains purely natural ingredients, has an anti-allergenic effect and protects the environment.
  • The silicate paint absorbs moisture from the air and releases it again, thus regulating the indoor climate.
  • The coating is resistant to abrasion after drying and can also be wiped off with a damp cloth without causing any damage.

Can I also paint with lime paint?

Lime colors are also part of the mineral wall colors and come with about the same advantages as the silicate paints. Natural lime, however, is not really resistant to abrasion; when touched, colored streaks can adhere to clothing and skin.

Many manufacturers add artificial colors to their lime paint to give them a better bond. But they lose their natural character and the other advantages are relativized.

Anyone who wants to buy a pure lime color and increases the smudge resistance through various measures that you can read here. However, there is no guarantee that the paint will be perfect.

Tips & Tricks

Do not coat your silicate paint with surfaces covered with gypsum filler, because the paint does not mix well with it: The chemical interactions usually lead to spalling.

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