Thermal Camera Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for thermal imaging comparison or test 2018

  • Infrared radiation can be captured and imaged using a thermal imaging camera.
  • Every body whose temperature is above absolute zero radiates heat that lies in the infrared range. With a thermal imaging camera, this radiation can be made visible to the human eye.
  • Most devices have two lenses: a lens to image the infrared radiation and a special camera lens to make the surrounding structures more visible.

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: 2018

Thermal imaging cameras offer a versatile, practical benefit. They are used in the huntto find the game based on its heat radiation in the thicket can. In addition, the devices are used to the Check thermal insulation of walls, Also in the fire fighting play IR cameras for firefighters a major role.

In our Thermal Camera Comparison 2018 You will receive a practical purchase advice, in which we next to the different device types also on important purchase criteria such as the temperature range and the resolution the best thermal imaging cameras. So you will find even without the Stiftung Warentest your personal test winner among the thermal imaging cameras.

1. How does a thermal imager work?

Origin and meaning of "infrared"

The term "infrared" was used later for description. He derives from the Latin word infrawhat "below, below or below" means. The word therefore denotes the area "below" the red light rays of the spectrum.

The functioning of the thermal cameras is based on the principle of thermography.It is an imaging process to make heat radiation visible to the human eye. Invisible to the human eye Infrared radiation is converted into electrical signals, which in turn serve to generate an image.

1.3. The uses of thermal imaging cameras

Infrared cameras are used in large areas. They are used on the one hand for civilian purposes or used in the military. We have a clear overview in the following table the different ways to use shown.

For use for private use, especially the column for the category construction is worthwhile.

forcesPeople search, border surveillance, search for embers
medicineDetection of inflammation, blood circulation tests
huntSpying on animals, looking for killed game
construction industryInvestigations on the thermal insulation, airtightness of buildings

2. The different types of thermal imaging cameras:

2.1. As an accessory to the smartphone

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: imaging

The thermal camera for the smartphone is usually a thermal camera module, which is connected via the charging socket. According to the brands and manufacturers, Android thermal imaging cameras are offered for sale alongside those for the iPhone.

After downloading a compatible app, the transmitted data of the attachment can be processed, This software is usually free to download on the respective platform (Google Play, iTunes). With these programs you can, for. For example, make various color settings, operate the camera, or take pictures of videos and photos.

2.2. The pyrometer

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: 2018

The pyrometer is often used in house construction.

First and foremost, a pyrometer refers to a device for temperature measurement without contact, which is why advanced pyrometers are often used in construction. Thermal imaging pyrometer In addition to measuring the temperature, a visual image of the examined surface is also possible.

Even if the resolution is comparatively low, can be due to the thermal sensitivity z. B. a so-called Thermal bridge tracked down where more heat is released from a room faster than elsewhere. In relevant thermal imaging camera tests, these devices therefore often perform well.

2.3. The pocket camera

In the private sector stand-alone devices are very popular because they do not require any additional hardware to be used. The device is almost always operationalwhich is a big advantage. You do not have to be careful to have the battery of the smartphone and the camera charged - as soon as the pocket thermal imager is charged, there is nothing standing in the way of measuring.

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: thermal

A pocket camera is small and practical.

The devices are easy to hold and have a display that makes the camera easy to operate, Thanks to the integrated battery, the pocket camera can be used over a long period of time. Many thermal imaging cameras have USB for pairing with the computer so you do not have to sacrifice the ability to evaluate. In addition, the Recordings saved via SD cardto ensure sufficient mobility of the data.

3. The most important criteria - that's what matters!

3.1. The technical structure - Apps are the most user friendly

The design may determine whether the device is practical for your desired purpose. If you want to use the thermal images mostly for your own personal enjoyment, then smartphone cameras could probably be the most suitable option, as they can be connected to a great many different devices. The application programs are usually clearly arranged and intuitive to use, as various thermal imaging camera tests show. Furthermore, they have functions such as a temperature display or color scheme settings.

The advantages and disadvantages of smartphone thermal imaging cameras we have once more presented you clearly:

  • save space
  • do not charge smartphone battery
  • usable with different devices
  • various settings options
  • no complicated operation
  • only with current devices (at least Android 4.4 or iOS 7) usable
  • Some manufacturers require registration to use the thermal imager app

3.2. The temperature range - also minus degrees must be covered

Many of the thermographic cameras, which have a sensor which is not cooled and which are often used in the private sector, are able to Temperatures from about -40° C to 330° C to capture, In this spectrum, the devices are useful for thermographic images of heating systems and houses.

There are, however, too Models, especially in the field of smartphone thermal imaging cameras, which operate in a lower temperature range (-10 to 150° C), If you only use the thermography camera for entertainment purposes, they will prove to be completely sufficient.

3.3. The resolution - 80 x 60 pixels should be

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: 2018

The higher the resolution the more details.

The comparatively cheap thermal imaging cameras are difficult to compare with conventional cameras because of their sensitive technology. In our thermal imaging comparison, the resolutions are just in the range of 15 x 15 to 206 x 156 pixels.

But even with these cameras: Details are easier to see if the resolution is as high as possible. In this case, the z. B. be the course of the heat flow in the thermal image. 80 x 60 pixels, the resolution should therefore be at least.

3.4. The field of view of the cameras - values ​​of the opening angle are decisive

The area that can be detected by the camera is defined by the field of view and sometimes called the opening angle. As a result, if the field of view of the camera is small, the cutout to be detected by the sensor will be small. The field of view and the resolution should therefore correspond to each other. This means that a low resolution should be accompanied by a small opening angle, so you get high quality pictures.

Danger Keep in mind that a thermal imaging camera for in-house use should never replace a sanitary professional if you suspect problems or defects, for example, with your heaters or insulation.

4. Questions and answers around the topic of thermal imager

4.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: 2018

A pocket camera helps with the hunting while finding shot game.

Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at the "FLIR One" model and came to the conclusion that this module for users in the private sector a practical tool is, although it can not compete with devices of the professionals.

4.2. Which thermal imager is suitable for hunting?

We recommend that you buy a pocket thermal imager, as you will not be dependent on the battery level of your smartphone.

Tip: In order for the thermal image to be usable for hunting, you should pay attention to the range that should be at least 200 meters in the device.

4.3. Is it possible to hide from a thermal imager?

Thermal Camera Comparison 2018: 2018

The range depends on various factors.

Since the devices are also used in the military, hiding from such a camera is very difficult. Special low emission materials are needed to hide heat radiation. Complete suppression of separate heat radiation is impossible.

4.4. What is the range of a thermal imaging camera?

The range of the devices is among other things depending on the resolution and the opening angle, However, it does matter what kind of object you observe, because the natural radiation of the gases in the Earth's atmosphere can falsify the results from a certain distance.

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