Thermometer comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the thermometer comparison or test 2018

  • With a thermometer, both the outside temperature and the inside temperature can be measured inside rooms. Unlike an analogue thermometer, the temperature of a digital thermometer is displayed by means of an LCD display.
  • Thermometers can also help save energy costs. If the average room temperature of 16 - 20° C is reached, the heating can be down regulated or switched on until this temperature is reached.
  • Most models in thermometer tests can additionally determine the humidity in a room by means of the so-called hygrometer. However, these can not give any information on the weather forecast, the precipitation or the air pressure, such. B. a weather station.

Thermometer comparison 2018: comparison

Even if highly complex calculations play a role in the weather forecast, the forecast can be wrong at times. Rely on an on-site measurement - a thermometer of your own can help here. Whether in the home garden or your own home - a thermometer can be very useful in many situations: be it in the choice of wardrobe for the day or the choice of the vehicle to work.

Which is the best thermometer for your garden or living room can be found in our 2018 thermometer comparison. In our purchase advice you get useful information about the thermometer and tips on what to look for when buying, even without a thermometer test by the Stiftung Warentest as an orientation to have.

1. The thermometer - a practical helper for 300 years

What is the difference between thermometer and thermostat?

The thermometer is often confused with a thermostat, which, however, have nothing to do with each other. While the thermometer is there to measure the temperature, it can be precisely adjusted with the aid of a thermostat attached to the heater in order to regulate its own energy consumption.

Thermometer comparison 2018: comparison

Even in ancient times, it was known that heated air expands. The Italian doctor Santorio Santorio developed together with Galileo Galilei in the 17th century the first measuring apparatuswhich resembled a barometer. After the Medici made the first alcoholic liquid thermometer in 1654, it was Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit who in 1724 invented the first thermometer scale, Anders Celsius invented his version in 1742.

First and foremost, thermometers (wrong: termometers) are measuring devices. They indicate the outside or inside temperature - in so far as they are sufficiently long in a place to spend the exact temperature can. The necessary liquid for measuring the temperature is in most cases in the case of analogue thermometers, mercury.

The digital thermometer however, use a sensor located in the tip of the thermometerwhich changes its conductivity according to the temperature and converts this change into a measurable temperature.

As the digital form of temperature meters continues to prevail, we have the Advantages and disadvantages of digital thermometers summarized for you:

  • clearer, there digital numeric value
  • completely non-toxic as opposed to dangerous mercury
  • significantly more extensive temperature measuring range
  • requires batteries

2. The right thermometer for every application

As mentioned at the beginning of our purchase advice, the thermometers can be categorized in indoor and outdoor thermometers. The combination of both is common and is often used. As for the operation of the thermometer, one differentiates between three different categories: digital, analog and electric.

2.1. Thermometer workings

With thermometers, a distinction is made in addition between analogue and digital also the electric thermometers. You will find out which peculiarities are associated with which type of function in our table prepared for this purpose.


Thermometer comparison 2018: temperature

  • battery powered
  • Contact Sensors measure outside or inside temperature
  • high measuring accuracy
  • often with built-in hygrometer

Thermometer comparison 2018: temperature

  • more accurate and safer than liquid filled analog thermometers
  • 2 possible methods: Bimetal measurement and electrical measurement
  • Measurement by extension of a bimetallic strip - Different linear expansion of the installed metals as the basis for measurement
  • Measurement of electrical resistance of various metals - battery-powered electrical thermometers
  • large measuring range
  • usually incl. hygrometer
analog with liquid

Thermometer comparison 2018: comparison

  • does not need any power
  • very cheap thermometer available
  • Liquid in measuring tube indicates temperature
  • based on expansion of the liquid (usually mercury) at different temperatures
  • Tube expands - less accurate than electrical or digital thermometers
  • Health hazard due to mercury - not considered in comparison

2.2. The outdoor thermometer

Thermometer comparison 2018: temperature

Outdoor thermometers must be splash-proof and withstand temperature fluctuations.

outdoor thermometer are characterized mainly by their large temperature rangein which they can reliably measure the temperature. This moves on average between -30° C and + 50° C.

Furthermore, the devices are waterproof processedto survive rain and other external environmental conditions. Either use a liquid thermometer attached to the wall of the house or grab a digital thermometer attached to a window inside.

2.3. The internal thermometer

The internal thermometer is - as the name suggests - intended for use in rooms, The thermometer is either placed in the appropriate room or hung on the wall.

Should the thermometer also have a Hygrometer function can also be used with the Measure humidity in the room, In that case, one speaks of a thermo-hygrometer.

3. Purchase advice for thermometers: The most important criteria are accuracy and accessories

3.1. The measuring accuracy

Thermometer comparison 2018: thermometer

Often less robust, but with multiple displays: digital internal thermometers.

Even a thermometer test winner is never 100 percent accurate, however, a deviation of one degree is still completely within the normal range, The temperature range also differs depending on the type of thermometer. While internal thermometers indicate a higher maximum value around the 45 to 50° C, outside thermometers in the minus range can indicate down to -30° C.

3.2. equipment

TheInstructions for use here are not only decorative accessories, but also informs you whether the thermometer is calibrated and how high the Tolerance of the thermometer (Accuracy) is. Some thermometers also have one Hooks for wall mounting or a support for installation on dressers, tables, etc...

Tip: Place your indoor thermometer a bit away from the window - the sunlight can distort the measurement result.

4. What you always wanted to know about thermometers

4.1. How can you build a thermometer yourself?

If you need a temperature gauge at short notice but do not have the time or money to buy a thermometer at the nearest hardware store, you can improvise and use the video below make a makeshift thermometer yourself:

4.2. Which thermometer fluid is recommended?

Although mercury is highly toxic, it is still used by most manufacturers and brands of analog liquid thermometers. Although ethanol, toluene or pentane are alternatively used - these are also poisonous and also very flammable. The currently most harmless variant is Galinstan dar, However, this liquid makes the measuring tube quickly cloudy. This makes it difficult to read the temperature.

4.3. Is there a thermometer app?

There are many thermometer apps - however, these are not more useful than any other joke app, Since smartphones, at least at the present time have no sensor for measuring the ambient temperature and thus are completely useless.

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