Thermostat controller in prefabricated house

Thermostat controller in prefabricated house: heating

For aspiring homeowners plays Energy efficiency in the face of rising energy prices a major role. In order to avoid high utility charges, the future host should pay attention not only to insulation measures, but also to the installation of energy-saving products. Architects, planners and prefabricated house specialists are now increasingly focusing on changing customer needs and taking into account the energy efficiency of installed products.

Especially in the heating area the potential for savings is high: with new thermostats on the radiators, around ten percent of energy can be saved. The prefabricated house specialist Dennert Massivbau GmbH has therefore been installing the Honeywell thermostatic controller Thera-3 as standard in its solid houses for many years. Every year, around 1,000 radiator valves are installed in around 120 Dennert buildings.

"Dennert is installing Honeywell controllers in its homes because they need to be energy-efficient," says Jürgen Sewiolo. Sales representative at Honeywell GmbH, House technic. "The prefabricated house specialist attaches great importance to the long service life, an appealing design that visually fits perfectly with the interior and an easy handling. These requirements are optimally fulfilled by Honeywell fittings. "

Timed radiator controller or complete control system

In addition to the classic thermostat controllers, Honeywell also offers time-controlled radiator controllers or complete control systems. With the Timed Radiator Controller HR40 Tenants, homeowners and homeowners can already reduce their energy costs with low investment and little effort. A time program determines after the personal daily routine of the residents, when the rooms should be comfortably warm - at all other times is saved and thus the energy consumption by up to 30 per cent lowered.

Radio-controlled controller

Thermostat controller in prefabricated house: thermostat

Energy savings of up to 30 percent are possible through the use of demand-controlled room control. The picture shows the radio-controlled HR80, which is used as a radiator controller of the dual-zone control system CM Zone.

Should a uniform regulation across several rooms The use of the individual room control system CM Zone is recommended. With the help of the wireless two-zone controller, the room temperature of two or more rooms can be controlled via a pre-programmable 7-day program. Here, too, energy costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent. The handy small control unit transmits the desired setpoints to the electronically controlled underfloor heating and radiator controls, which then adjust the room temperature accordingly. In this way, the resident can not only effectively save heating costs, but also enjoys comfortably warm rooms at all times. As a radiator controller, the radio-controlled HR 80 is used. CM Zone not only enables energy-conscious heating comfort, but also has two additional functions: automatic ventilation and holiday control. If a window is opened for ventilation or if the room temperature rises due to exposure to sunlight, the relevant radiator controller closes its valve. If the residents travel for a longer period of time, they switch the heating system to cost-saving operation. The day of return is also programmed and ensures that the residents return to a pleasantly warm house.

Living comfort with reduced energy consumption For the whole house, the home automation system Hometronic. Via the central control unit, the Hometronic Manager, the system coordinates via radio when which living rooms should be warm. The system can be extended from the heater to other electrical functions such as lights, awnings, shutters, etc. as desired. For all products, energy savings, comfort and safety always go hand in hand.

Electronic thermostat for radiators

Thermostat controller in prefabricated house: controller

You always want to keep your room exactly 22 degrees warm? Or you want maybe different "scenarios" for the temperature in your room have? Both are possible - with an electric thermostat for your heating.

If you want to keep it warm in the morning in the bathroom, you can program the controller to automatically reach the desired temperature (between 5 and 29.5 degrees) at 6 o'clock. At 9 o'clock (if you are out of the bathroom, for example), the controller will move the temperature automatically back down. Of course you can continue to switch the heating up and down manually as required.

Through this targeted temperature phases You can save up to 80% heating costs and have the purchase of a regulator back out in the first heating season. The installation of such a thermostat is done within a few minutes and fits all common heating valves.

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