These are the prices for new window glass

In some cases, the idea is obvious, instead of a whole window to replace only the glass. Some builders have their windows made as unique pieces by the carpenter, they also need window glass. Are there guidelines for the prices?

These are the price factors for window glass

Of course, there are many different types of window glass, the prices are based on the respective quality and size. We have put together a few price factors that determine the cost of your window glass.

  • The nominal thickness of inner and outer disks plays an important role.
  • Also, the space between the panes of insulating glazing has a price-determining effect.
  • The heat transfer coefficient is an important factor in pricing and at the same time has a direct impact on the expected energy savings.
  • Naturally, special shapes also cost a bit more with glass panes.
  • The resistance class of the glass determines how much the sensitive material withstands. Break and scratch resistant glass has its price!
  • Last but not least, the total area of ​​the window glass is an important price factor.
  • In addition, in most cases, the installation costs, but you can mount smaller discs quite according to instructions themselves.

Here are the prices for high quality glass

Nowadays, no homeowner passes by insulating glass for his windows, the heating energy is simply too expensive with simply glazed windows.

If you are planning a glass replacement in an existing window frame, you must make sure that the existing Pfalz is wide enough for the new glass.

The Glaser offers you a new window glass according to current standards for approximately 80 to 100 EUR per square meter. If he has to cut the disc extra and also install it, his labor costs will be added.

The hourly rate for the Glaser is depending on the region and provider at about 50 EUR. He uses a small disc in less than half an hour.

The mounting of large window glass takes longer, often in this case, at least two employees are needed. Remember the journey costs!

Cost example for the insertion of window glass

A pane has been broken, it is a 4.5 square meter kitchen window. The homeowner has the window glass replaced.

Cost overviewprice
1. 4.5 sqm window glass350 EUR
2. Directions30 EUR
3. Installation40 EUR
total420 EUR

Insurance completed?

In the event of glass breakage, homeowner's insurance may help to reimburse the costs if you have a policy with the appropriate addition. If the damage is caused by others, the liability insurance of the polluter probably jumps in.

Tips & Tricks

Did your old disc become blind and cloudy and you want to replace it? First, ask about insulation glazing, which can be much cheaper for you!

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