These costs are incurred by smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are different in price, different performance characteristics lead to these price differences. Does the lowest cost model provide enough security - and what does it cost? Which functions do expensive detectors have?

Under the microscope: the most cost-effective smoke detectors

In most federal states there is a statutory smoke detector requirement: All smoke detectors that comply with DIN EN 14604 and are marked with the CE mark comply with the current regulations. Among them are quite a lot of devices between 3 and 15 EUR.

These low-cost smoke detectors reliably report smoke generation when installed and in the right position. You also have a battery warning tone that sounds at least 30 days before draining the power source. Cheap devices thus offer a good basic security.

When costs go up: what do expensive smoke detectors have to offer?

Expensive smoke detectors usually have additional functions that meet higher demands. Many of these devices are particularly suitable for use in special locations, for example in the kitchen or in the basement.

Smoke detectors with special technical equipment cost approximately between 20 and 150 EUR per piece, depending on the version and manufacturer. These are some of their features:

  • Combination of smoke and heat detectors using bi-sensor technology
  • Radio interface for networking in a smoke detector system
  • Protective nets against insects for the reduction of false alarms
  • automatic fault indication
  • electronic self-monitoring
  • a mute switch against false alarm of water vapor / dust

Cost example of a tenement

A landlord creates smoke detectors for his rental property. He chooses smoke detectors in the middle price range for his ten apartments and has them professionally installed.

Cost overviewprice
1. 54 smoke detectors2,430 EUR
2. Assembly of all devices600 EUR
total3,030 EUR

Save costs, assemble smoke detectors yourself

You do not need a specialist to install smoke detectors. Find out about the relevant regulations and install the devices for free yourself.

Tips & Tricks

Some hardware store offers smoke detectors in a group of ten or five, the costs of the individual device are thus usually lower.

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