These costs are incurred when you store your furniture

Not always friends and relatives can serve with a short-term storage for furniture, then a commercial storage is required. The so-called self-storage offers a mostly cost-effective and flexible option.

Self-storage: store your own furniture

Especially in larger cities, where not much space is usually left for storing bulky materials, the self-storage system has become established. Houses and rental apartments are usually already fully occupied, the living space is limited.

Self-storage providers provide boxes whose interior is frost-proof and dry. Good burglary protection is also provided in most cases. The renter of such a box is responsible for the storage and retrieval of his items themselves.

When renting a storage box, make sure you have access to your property 24 hours a day. In addition, you should be able to drive your box directly by car or a light truck, then only unload the furniture.

An alarm system and a camera surveillance secure your belongings from unauthorized access, also your provider should take care of that. In addition, you can safely stay in your box late at night.

The cost of storing furniture

There is a rule of thumb for determining the cost of storage space: the higher the rents in a given environment, the more the storage of furniture and other items costs.

You usually pay for your storage space per square meter required. Of course, the number of square meters for storing your furniture is lower than if you would like to use it in an apartment. Expect to put up with about 15% of the previous floor space.

The average price is around 8 to 20 EUR per square meter of storage space, excluding storage service and insurance. If you want a theft or damage insurance of your items, so this is extra added.

Do not you want to do the furniture transport yourself? The service for transport, storage and retrieval is of course extra. It depends on the time required and the kilometers driven.

Store furniture for one month

A young woman changes the apartment in a big city. She stays with her boyfriend for four weeks until the new four walls are ready. In the meantime, she stores her furniture.

Cost overviewprice
1. Storage costs 10 sqm150 EUR
2. Professional furniture storage and retrieval500 EUR
3. Insurance30 EUR
total680 EUR

Long-term contracts are worthwhile

Would you like to store your furniture for a longer period? Long-term contracts often include discounts, so the monthly costs decrease over a longer contract period.

Tips & Tricks

A move always offers the opportunity to drop old ballast - so carefully clear out before storing your furniture! So you probably even save money.

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