These costs are incurred when you build a conservatory yourself

Especially made of wood, it is relatively easy to build a winter garden yourself. A handyman with a little skill and some good friends can build a solid conservatory on a weekend. Here we show the costs.

Plan and calculate for the construction of the conservatory

Many of the items listed below can save a lot. However, all items are also more expensive. Therefore, comparing prices is one of the most important points. In the meantime, many parts and elements on the Internet, despite the shipping costs are already cheaper than locally.

Building permit - on for the DIY

In all these considerations, the client should not forget to obtain a building permit or the exemption from it. Often, for an unheated conservatory, as we imagine here, the permit is quite easy to obtain.

Example of a wood winter garden

Our example conservatory is about 20 to 25 square meters in size and ajar against the house with a long side. Thus, in addition to the patio door with two wings, about eleven standard-sized windows of one meter are needed.

Cost overviewprice
1st foundation1,000 euros
2. Wood for the skeleton800 EUR
3rd window2,200 EUR
4th patio door with double wing800 EUR
5. Covering with double-skin sheets450 EUR
6. Flooring decking with substructure400 EUR
7. Wood for cladding the walls400 EUR
8. Small parts / screws / connectors250 EUR
total6,300 EUR

Tips & Tricks

If the conservatory is in a corner between the house and the garage, for example, the construction will of course be cheaper. Of course, this also applies if you are lucky enough to get used or measured windows at a nearby carpenter cheaper or free of charge. Since the wood can easily be rebuilt, you can even adjust old windows well to your conservatory. The savings potential is enormous, because the windows are the largest item in the conservatory.

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