This cost creates an electric water heater

After the liberalization of the electricity market in Germany, purchasing has become more variable and complicated. Each customer has the opportunity to conclude contracts with supraregional suppliers and to select from a variety of tariff and contract forms. The individual hot water consumption is crucial.

Kilowatts and kilowatt-hours

Who wins his hot water with an electric water heater must match the performance of the device to the size of his household. Typical outputs are between twenty and 24 kilowatts to supply a multi-person household in the kitchen and bathroom with warm water.

Basically, a lot of electricity is consumed when heating water, which is used in modern instantaneous water heaters up to 99 percent. The high power consumption is only incurred during the immediate use of the heating process, which is the decisive advantage over water boilers.

In the offers of electricity suppliers many contract details play a role in order to be able to calculate the costs. The price of the kilowatt hour is the basis on which the running costs are built. Depending on the modalities, a slightly higher base price may be more favorable in the long run than the initially lower one.

  • Contract period and notice periods
  • contract extensions
  • Price guarantee for the term
  • Flat consumption values ​​available
  • Special discounts, deposit or advance payment
  • Bonus binding by payment or credit after expiry of the period of notice

Example calculation for a water heater

If you have a 20-kilowatt instantaneous water heater and receive your electricity for the price of thirty eurocents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), the one-hour operation will cost you 20kWh x $ 0.30, or six euros.

How to save

If you purchase an electronically controlled instantaneous water heater, also available with remote control, you can set the required temperature individually in each situation. By entering the utility meter with your electricity tariff, you can instantly see how much you have paid for your hot water and adjust your behavior.

Tips & Tricks

If you prefer green electricity from purely regenerative sources, pay attention to the seals of OK-Power, Green Electricity Label, Green Electricity Seal of the Bavarian State Industrial Institute or the TÜV seal for green electricity. RECS certificates are not a reliable proof of green electricity.

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