These wall colors perfectly complement your vintage style!

Nostalgia is »in«, the vintage style conquers our private rooms from the bedroom to the hallway to the living and dining area. Vintage is everything that looks really nice retro: from country house style to state-of-the-art shabby chic. But what did the walls look like in earlier times? In any case, a splash of romance is in demand, but also cosiness is very important!

Covered earth tones - or pastel sherbet colors?

Do you have wonderful antique furniture, just waiting to get a matching framing in the form of a harmonious wall paint? Then you better rely on restrained, warm tones that visually highlight your showcase and the nostalgic chest of drawers.

As a background for darker furniture offers a friendly creamy white, while white jewelry is best framed by beautiful earth tones. But pretty pastel colors have their justification under the most beautiful wall colors in vintage style:

Pistachio green and delicate lilacs compete here with a bright baby blue and soft pink. This fits in wonderfully with the self-designed shabby chic accessories and flatters the eyes!

Wall paint with strong patterns: This is vintage style!

The people of earlier times often did not settle for single-colored walls, but they conjured up delicate or strong patterns on the surface. Homemade or purchased stencils help repeating motifs on the wall. A few suggestions complacent?

  • Dab them by means of a template of delicate flowers distributed over the whole wall (scattered floral decor).
  • Create your own circumferential decorative band, for example in meander shape.
  • Attach large-format visual highlights at various points, such as stylized lilies.
  • Get used to eye-catching '70s patterns, with strong, geometric shapes.
  • Think your own patterns, which you then implement with a custom designed wall stencil.

To assist in this case old pattern and ornamental books serve, which there are some as relatively inexpensive reissues. Discover the rich wealth of old times!

Create skillful marbling with wall paint

Also marbling is one of the popular wall design motifs of old times, but it can also be a true "fantasy marble" in an individual style. You need a smooth surface for this.

When marbling, two to three different colors are combined in several levels of brightness, skilfully blurred and then provided with »marble lines«. Finally, a glossy seal and finished is the marble!

Tips & Tricks

Round off your wall color in vintage style with chic trim on the ceiling! These are made of cost-effective Styrofoam, which can easily be painted in the right color. This fits best a chandelier with ceiling rosette.

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